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Tempered Auto Glass – Pros and Cons You Must Know

Car glass is often delicate and sturdy at the same time. It is supposed to block the air pressure, minor particles in the air, and, most importantly, traffic noise. However, every type of glass does not offer these features and perks. Tempered auto glass is one of the major types of glass which is used in vehicles and offers numerous benefits.

Tempered auto glass is made by tempering the glass at extremely high and low temperatures. It makes the outer layer quite hard, and the inner layers of glass are relatively delicate. Due to tempering, such a glass has limited chances of developing minor issues like scratches and chips but offers limited visibility. You should know the pros and cons before choosing it for your car.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn and explore the pros and cons of tempered auto glass you must know about. 

Top 3 Pros of Using Tempered Auto Glass

Tempered auto glass has been termed ideal for car windows and rear windscreens. There are a few reservations about using the same for the front windscreen too. However, it does not mean you should skip it altogether. Learning about the pros of tempered auto glass can assist your decision-making process.

Here are the major pros of using tempered auto glass you should be aware of to maximize your benefits.

1. Durable: 

The first and foremost pro of using tempered auto glass is that it is durable. The glass is prepared after an extensive process of heating and cooling at extreme temperatures within seconds. It strengthens the glass and lessens the chances of it breaking abruptly. Still, it is only ideal for windows and not windshields because of poor visibility, which cannot be repaired. Car owners even consult windscreen repairs London based experts for the ideal screen glass and go for it.

2. Safety Glass: 

One of the biggest pros of tempered auto glass is that it is the safety glass. Even when it breaks, the glass particles do not shatter into tiny and sharp shards but into rounded cubes. The broken glass can be easily picked with hands without being worried about cuts. The process of tempering makes it so and ensures it does not injure people in any way upon breaking. This is why glass is recommended for car windows in order to minimize the injuries of passengers.

3. Higher Resistance: 

The last pro of tempered auto glass is that it has high resistance. It is least affected by extreme temperatures as the glass is manufactured at high temperatures and can handle heat extensively. On top of this, tempered auto glass can even stand still, intact and safe during harsh weather conditions like storms and heavy rainfall, etc. However, you should still consult experts for the best possible advice and follow it too.

Top 3 Cons of Tempered Auto Glass

The tempered auto glass might be termed as safety glass and offer high durability; it comes with its fair share of cons too. So, you should not opt for it randomly but be aware of its shortcomings too. It will help you make a better decision to prioritize your safety and keep the losses minimum.

Here are the major cons of using tempered auto glass you need to watch out for.

1. Lacks Soundproofing: 

The most significant con of using tempered auto glass is that it lacks soundproofing. It may not sound problematic; however, you will not be able to comfortably cover a distance of even ten minutes on a busy road. Traffic noise will make the ride too irritating, and you may get annoyed at every other person you encounter. You should prioritize using the glass, which blocks traffic noise and helps you drive comfortably. You will see a visible change in your mood too.

2. Breaks Instantly: 

Another significant con of using tempered auto glass is that it can break instantly. In case your vehicle gets into an accident, the glass will not be able to sustain the blow and shatter into prices immediately. This is why tempered auto glass is not recommended for windscreens which often get more damaged in accidents. Tempered glass is only recommended for car windows which usually get limited hits during accidents.

3. It cannot Be Repaired: 

The last and most significant con of tempered auto glass is that it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced completely. It makes the worst choice for the windscreen, as you will not be able to fix minor chips and scratches. You will have to spend more on replacement due to tempered glass, even if the damage is reparable. You can instead opt for laminated glass for screens. Moreover, contact technicians to get the damages fixed professionally, if any.

Do you want repairable glass?

Getting a reparable auto glass can significantly lower your expenses. Contact and consult the professional auto glass services in London to pick the right glass and even get it repaired perfectly when needed.

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