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Tube Tools: What To Know About Them & Their Maintenance?

Tube Tools get used in the Fabrication and Maintenance of overall process equipment like Heat Exchanger, boilers, Condensers, Evaporators, Chillers & even other process equipment. Once you explore you can get all tools  like boiler tube expanders, condenser tube expanders, tube installation tools, tube removal tools, hydraulic tube expansion machines , tube pulling machinery, & many more. 

Remember that the tube expander tools for boilers and even heat exchangers are carefully formed up and crafted tools made to the highest standards of quality and even precision. With the proper level of care you will always get consistent quality results from these valuable and effective tools. Of course, having the right types of tools is one thing but to maintain them is the other. This post is going to quickly get you through the basics of maintenance as well as operation to make sure your tools are going to be trusted to work and perform for a long time to come.

Keep The Tools Clean 

It is important that you thoroughly remove all rust and even dirt. In addition, cleaning any sort of scale and foreign matter from the inside as well as outside of each tube is going to help avoid damage to your tools. You should also check the thrust bearing grease before each use for continuous performance outcomes.  So, no matter which type of tool you are using, you need to ensure its cleanliness.

Try To Set Collar Recess

You can always change the collar recess depth to simply accommodate tubes protruding from – or even flush with – the tube sheet. Begin by loosening the forward set screw with the simple hex key provided. Then, next you have to spin the collar clockwise or even counter clockwise to include a recess up to 1/16″. (Recesses up to even 15/16-inch can be obtained in special order.) Re-tighten your set screw. Of course, it can be really helpful for you to maintain your tools!

Proper Lubrication

Friction as well as metal forming produce a lot of heat during the time of tube expansion. Minimizing heat reduces the overall chance of damage and is going to extend the life of your tools. The Expander Lube, or even another pressure resistant lubricant, is the finest way to simply minimize heat. After you roll each tube, make sure that you clean and cool the expander in solvent or even light oil and then rightly lubricate the expander again.

Begin Rolling

Yes, condenser tube expanders must be placed into the tube so the overall thrust collar is up against the overall tube sheet. The rolls must always be within the rear tube sheet by 1/16″. Evade rolling outside the tube sheet! Remember that for the larger sized diameter boiler expanders, keep the expander in the tube in a way that the flare rolls are nearly 1/2″ away from the open tube end before beginning to roll.


So, once you have the right tools like Tube maintenance tools and more; it also is your responsibility to ensure that they are maintained properly. Since you know a few of the things that you can do to upkeep them, don’t miss out on them.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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