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Why You Should Consider a Fair Deal Scheme for Your Loved Ones

You can apply for financial aid from the Government to help pay for a place in a nursing home in Dublin.

The Fair Deal Scheme is an option you should consider if you are looking after your loved one at home, but they need additional care that you cannot provide. To find out more about how this scheme works, read on!

What is the Fair Deal Scheme?

The Fair Deal Scheme is a way you can pay for the nursing home care of your loved one. You can choose to make periodic payments or lump sum payments, depending on your financial circumstances and how long you want to pay for your loved one’s care.

What Does the Scheme Cover?

The scheme covers the cost of a place in a nursing home and nursing care. It also covers personal care, accommodation, food and drink.

There are two options available to you if your loved one is eligible for this scheme:

  • You can pay for the full cost of their nursing home care yourself (approximately £1,600 per week) but get some help with the daily care costs that fall outside of their basic needs (approximately £500 per week). This option is called ‘Fair Deal Plus’.
  • Alternatively, if your loved one has enough assets to cover their own basic needs, we could agree with us that they don’t have to pay anything towards it at all – all treatment will be free! This option is called ‘Fair Deal Premium’ or sometimes just ‘Fair Deal’.

How Do I Apply to the Fair Deal Scheme?

If you are a relative of the person who is going to receive nursing home care, you can apply for the Fair Deal Scheme if:

  • You live in Ireland.
  • Your gross household income is €100,000 or less and your net household income is €50,000 or less.

How Does the Fair Deal Scheme Work?

  • How does the Fair Deal Scheme work?

The scheme is administered by the Health Service Executive (HSE), who will assess your application and make a decision. You can apply online, or by phone. In order to apply you must provide your personal details, and information about your loved one’s medical history (including their diagnosis). They will also ask for proof of who lives in the home, with whom they share it, and what condition they are in. You may also be asked to provide medical records if necessary. They will then look over these documents and assess them against a points-based system before deciding whether or not you qualify for a financial contribution towards some of your loved ones’ nursing home care costs under this scheme.*

What is the Contribution Decision and what are my options?

The Contribution Decision is a way of deciding who pays for the care of your loved one. You can choose to pay the full cost of the nursing home yourself, or you can ask the State to contribute towards this cost. The State will only contribute if it would be cheaper than paying for care yourself. There are three options:

  • You pay all charges (100%)
  • You pay some charges and there is a reduced charge as part of an agreed ‘Fair Deal’ scheme (50% or 75% depending on your circumstances)
  • The State pays all charges

You can apply for financial aid from the Government to help pay for a place in a nursing home in Dublin.

You can apply for financial aid from the Government to help pay for a place in a nursing home in Dublin.

You may be eligible if you are over 65 and:

  • You have been living in Ireland for 5 years continuously, or 3 years with breaks of up to 6 months each time, before the date on which you applied (or at least 1 year if you are married to an Irish resident).
  • You have lived here continuously since birth (except during any time spent outside Ireland).


If you’re thinking about applying for the Fair Deal Scheme, it’s a good idea to speak with a specialist first. They can help you figure out what your options are and what type of nursing home is best for your loved one.

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