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Know How To Increase Lymphocytes Count Naturally

Lymphocytes are a classification of white blood cells that helps your immune system prevent your body from fighting infections and diseases. The lymphocytes are further divided into three kinds T-cells, B-cells and natural killer cells. 

The T-cells help in attacking the cells present in your body that have been compromised. The B cells are efficient in producing antibodies that help to attack invading viruses present in your body. 

 The Lymphocytes help in attacking the infection or any virus that has been present in your body. Therefore the number of lymphocytes in your body will decrease if you have been ill for quite some time or you have exhausted your system. During such cases, you will need to pay extra attention to increase the lymphocytes present in your body. 

Follow the steps to learn how to increase the Lymphocytes count naturally:

  • Eat Your Protein

All the protein foods you eat are made up of long Chains of amino acids. This further helps the body to produce a large number of white blood cells in your body. When there is a lack of white blood cells present in your body, this will also affect lymphocyte production in your body.

Therefore it also states that you can control your lymphocytes high if you eat your proteins right. Boost the lymphocyte production in your body by eating the right amount of protein. Include protein such as fish, cottage cheese, beans, egg white, shellfish, and chicken into your diet. According to your body weight, look at the suitable amount of protein you must consume each day.

  • Eliminate Foods That Are High In Trans And Saturated Fat 

Bad or unhealthy fats such as trans fat and saturated fat will thicken the Lymphocytes that are present in your body. When the Lymphocytes present in a body thicken, this also makes them less effective. 

Hence it is always suggested to reduce or eliminate the consumption of saturated and trans fat to benefit your immune system. Replace trans and saturated fats with healthy fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids that can alternately increase lymphocyte production in your body. Eliminate commercial Bakery goods, fried food, non-dairy creamer, and fast foods from your diet. 

  • Eat Foods That Have Zinc

When you eat a meal that contains zinc, it helps to increase the T cells and natural killer cells in your body. This product helps to strengthen the immunity system of your body. Your body will require zinc to produce Lymphocytes and also to make sure that your body reaches the recommended daily requirement of zinc. 

It is suggested that Women must consume at least 8 mg of zinc per day While Men should consume 11 mg of zinc per day. 

  • Season Your Meals With Garlic

When you add garlic to season your meals, it will boost the white cell production in your body. Further increasing the natural killer cells. Garlic also acts as an added benefit and acts as a great antioxidant that supports your health. 

Garlic also helps in preventing several cardiovascular diseases by restricting blood clothes. Hence when you season your meals with powdered or fresh garlic cloves, you must not realize that there are several undefeatable benefits of it. 

  • Create Alternative Lifestyle Changes

Each adult requires a standard of 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. When your body is not receiving an ample amount of sleep, it will further affect your body adversely and weaken your immune system.

This also results in reducing the number of white blood cells that are present in your body. Hence one of the most efficient and effective ways to maintain lymphocytes high within your body is prime to make sure that you are completely rested. 

To Conclude

Have you been sick for some time? Do you feel you have overworked yourself? During such time it is commonly noticed that individuals suffer from a low count of lymphocytes in the body. Lymphocytes are essential for the functioning of the body’s immune system. 

The Count of lymphocytes in the blood can be increased with several natural home remedies; however, if you do not notice any change, it is advised that you seek professional help and consult a Doctor to take supplements. Consult with the expert professionals present in the Apollo Hospital to seek further remedy for your condition.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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