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High-Quality Elder Care Management Software

When you run a senior care facility, thinking out the eMAR can be the right decision. In fact, operating in any medical field indicates always being concerned about precision. You must comprise all the medication records separately from the assessments and other data in which the eMAR can help you. 

Electronic Medication Administration Record-EMAR- Explained

It is a great way to replace the paper system. The paper system often results in human errors and causes severe issues in the senior care facility.

eMAR software is the electronic version to replace bundles of paper previously used in many healthcare facilities. The software will save the records as a legal record of all the drugs administered to all community residents by a healthcare professional. These administrations recorded in the eMAR software become part of the medical chart.

These records are essential to partition permanent records on the medical chart. The documents stored in the eMAR software become part of the patient’s history, so it is vital that all the records stay accurate and updated easily.

Makes The Operation Easy At Your Senior Care Facility With eMAR Software

The eMAR software directly connects your facility to the rest of your clinical software and preferred pharmacy. It will create a complete and centralized picture of your residents’ health and well-being.

Plus, you’ll mitigate medication errors and automatically update the other records. Also, it saves time by providing complete pictures of your patients’ well-being in one system. All the information stays easy to access for the authorized users, creating a synchronization throughout all the medical facility staff.

Also, with this shared feature of the eMAR, the entire community will have access to the correct information when and where they need it.

How Does eMAR Works In The Favor Of Resident’s Safety?

Many pharmacies are taking patient safety further by utilizing barcode eMAR technology. This technology helps you ensure that you administer the correct medication and in the correct dose, at the accurate time, to the valid patient.

Also, the process is simple, the nurse or the staff administering medicine scans the barcode on the patient’s wristband, chart, etc.

Then, they scan the barcode itself. If the two scans don’t match the approved order, or if it is not the time for the next dose, the software will issue a warning.

Another thing that eMAR software does is to improve medication accuracy—covering the medication administration accuracy, which ultimately enhances resident safety. The system results in fewer human errors and fewer late or missed medications. According to some research, implementing barcode-linked eMAR was associated with–

● 41% reduction in non-timing administration errors.

● 51% reduction in potential drug-related adverse events from those errors.

● 27% reduction in timing errors.

eMAR allows nurses and other staff to set scheduled reminders and also flag when recent medication changes. The software also alerts them when medication times are due.

With all these benefits, you can consider the eMAR systems a great addition to the latest healthcare technology. eMAR informs facility staff of all medications they have to administer in an organized manner, enhances the communication between facility staff and pharmacy, and lessens the chances of medication errors.

Important Features to Notice In eMAR Software

The eMar software is designed to help assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers handle new orders, documentation, risk mitigations, and more. Behind every benefit lies the features that come with the eMAR software, and here are some of those features.

senior living

Software For Every Platform 

eMAR software is a cross-platform software that works on computers, tablets, iPhones, and other devices to provide the mobility and highest possible connectivity to the residents and the medical care facility.

Simple For Everyone

The provider designs the software with a quick learning curve so that if you have new staff, they can also learn it quickly and efficiently. It will speed up passing the meds in the minimum amount of time.

Cuts Out the Paperwork And Improves The Efficiency

The assisted living software technology works on the less data entry solutions, so the resident and medication data will automatically flow from the pharmacy to the eMAR. So, you do not have to thrust on the data entry, and your staff can focus on the more productive tasks rather than manually entering data.

Solid Analytics 

The software will make the staff immediately aware of issues like late meds. So that they can address them right away before it becomes a serious issue. The senior medical staff can monitor and track med pass status from anywhere, irrespective of location, on any device via the internet. The software only lets the team get off track if you are there. Your entire facility can work smoothly and efficiently.

Accurate Reports Every Time 

The key reports you need, such as transfer reports, will be in your hands every day in the facility. With the eMAR software, you can quickly get the reports on hand instantly.

Alerts And Notifications 

The software always ensures the staff is reminded and prompted to address non-medication tasks. The team again ensured and improved compliance and resident care.

Let’s Wrap Up!

eMAR, the assisted living software, is designed and dedicated to helping seniors live independently, and the seniors can have facilities to work smoothly for their community. Through the mobility of these applications, senior residents can have all the information about their medication. At the same time, the medical facilities always stay updated about the drug administered to them. Overall, the software helps everyone in the community.

Assisted living software offers many benefits to residents, such as a 24/7 caregiver support system, automated reminders, and peace of mind.

You need the best provider to find the best eMAR software for your senior care facility. And AL Cloud is here to be that.

AL CloudCare has been laser-focused on helping with your work at the medical facility. They can help you with better resident care and help you save money and time. They can consider your facility’s core goals when designing every feature, update, or change. So, if that is all you are looking for, you can visit them anytime.

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