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When Do You Need Summer, Winter And All-Season Tyres?

Temperature variation can have a massive impact on your tyres. That’s why we get season-specific tyres in the market. Tyre market is flooded with loads of tyres and they are all made to cater to special types of conditions on the roads. For instance, if you’re living in an area with a hot climate and dry roads, you’ll need summer tyres for this place. However, when the climate of a place is extremely cold, you’ll need winter tyres. Apart from this, we get a third category of tyres called all-season tyres. As the name says it all, we can use these tyres throughout the year. 

However, the big question is, can all-season Tyres Birmingham replace winter tyres as well? Let’s understand that tyres are pretty expensive to buy. If you’re living in an area with extreme climates, you need to keep two sets of tyres to handle the roads. That’s why most people want to buy tyres for different seasons. First, you need to invest in them and then you need to store them well. This blog is going to help you out with your dilemma and towards the end of the blog you’ll be able to take a discerning decision about the tyres you must keep with you. Let’s understand them in detail.   

What do summer tyres look like?

The tread in summer tyres is shallow as compared to its counterparts. The grooves are big, but less in number. They have solid ribs running on the entire tyre. Such tyres curb down the rolling noise and save fuel too. They remain stable on the roads and have a long life. Tyre manufacturers particularly keep a flexible compound to give an enhanced grip on the roads. What’s more, is that the cornering and braking ability of the car improve tremendously.

When exactly do we need summer tyres?

Summer tyres work the best when the temperature rises above 7°C. As soon as you notice this change in the climate, you must immediately switch to summer tyres. 

Can we use summer tyres for the entire year?

Some countries have made it compulsory to have summer tyres in their particular season. Otherwise also, if the conditions demand so, you shouldn’t shy away from using such tyres when required. Failing to do so can even risk your life. 

How do winter tyres look like?

Winter tyres have a deep tread pattern. They have numerous slits in the tread called sipes. These sipes bite into the snow to provide them with a good grip. If we talk of the rubber compound, these tyres have the most flexible and the softest rubber compound. Since the compound is very flexible, these tyres remain firm in the snow and provide excellent grip on the slippery and snowy roads of the winter season. 

When should we start using winter tyres?

We must use winter tyres when the temperature falls below 7°C. That’s the time they work the best. If you want to save money here and continue with your all-season or summer tyres, you’d be playing with your life. The compound of summer tyres becomes extremely hard in the winter season. It starts cracking up, taking away the grip that you otherwise would have got. Moreover, winter tyres keep the slush away which is a common problem in the winter season. 

When exactly do we need all-season tyres?

Well, they can be used year-round, but only in moderate conditions. If you’re living in a place that experiences intense climates, all-season won’t be of much help. Braking and cornering also won’t be that effective. All-season performance tyres Birmingham have larger tread blocks and a lesser number of edges. If snow is just a chance occurrence in your area, you can use all-season tyres. But in harsh winter or summer conditions go for the tyres that’ll give you enhanced performance. 

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