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The Top 3 Chrome Wheels You Can Buy Today to Turn Heads Come 2023!

Chrome Wheels have proven time and again to be of a timeless nature. Every decade, pundits and industry experts have written them off, saying that their appeal has faded. And each time, these rims have made a comeback. There was a time when the only colors found on aftermarket wheels were black and chrome. Funnily enough, these are still the 2 most popular finishes even after so many other options available with the aftermarket rims specialists across all the 50 States.

Chrome finishes were once reserved for car wheels. From sedans to hatchbacks and from pickup trucks to full-size SUVs, a big chunk of these vehicles had chrome rims. The color is truly a timeless one. Chrome is easier to maintain, stays on for longer, retains its sheen and looks at home with every vehicle imaginable.

However, chrome off-road wheels have recently gained quite a following in associated circles. Off-road rims are usually finished in bright and edgy shades, an aspect that most major manufacturers follow. From Enkei to American Racing to Fuel wheels, plenty of off-road wheels in chrome finishes are pouring in to the market.

Given that there is so much variety available, it can be a pretty tough task choosing the best chrome wheels. Buying them online is even tougher as you are actually not having a close look at the finished product. The other way is the older one; visiting a reputable retailer, checking out what they have to offer, talking to their in-store specialists and then selecting a set which best complements your vehicle.

We usually visit AudioCity USA, a 33-year-old store in California’s San Diego. They have a great collection and their experts are second to none.

But it is up to you to decide which retail outlet you will visit, of course!

What you will see in the next section is a list of the smartest chrome rims currently available. Each of them is manufactured by a major wheel company and come armed with the technology and the looks that will surely attract you (and make onlookers jealous) enough to purchase a set on the spot.

Chrome wheels for 2023 and beyond

These car wheels are all chrome masterpieces. To help you a bit more, we have arranged them based on the type of vehicle they would suit the best. Of course, you can choose to use them on very different vehicles since fashion and choices are always subjective!

For all SUVs

  • Moto Metal M0962: Most of the models that Moto Metal launches sell rather well. The M0962 in chrome is a typical model. Its chrome finish is one of the richest among all of the competitors, while the design is a bit spartan so that the focus does not shift from the SUV you are driving.

The 8-spoke chrome wonder is a 1-piece cast rim. There are actually 3 layers of chrome plating to ensure that the average SUV owner who loves to push his or her car to the maximum is not disappointed. This triple layer also ensures that the rim can easily absorb a few punches in due course without losing any edge.

The M0962 chrome is available in several sizes to reflect the various types of SUVs that are dominating the markets currently. Besides, it also carries one year’s warranty that Moto Metal provides for each rim it sells.

This is a very light rim that will help in saving a lot of fuel. It fits very neatly with custom TPMS setups and almost any off-road tire that you prefer. However, it can be expensive. This is a major downside.

For your favorite muscle cars

  • Sport Muscle SM22: Face it: a Mustang or a Corvette is no ordinary vehicle. They would not look nearly as awesome if you used regular car wheels! Which is precisely why you can opt for the Sport Muscle SM22. This is a company that excels in the manufacturing of wheels for muscle cars that growl like caged leopards on the roads!

While it is still not an established company, Sport Muscle makes excellent Chrome Wheels for almost all sorts of vehicles. The SM22 has brilliantly polished forked spokes which adds a bit of thunder to its construction. These are not flow-forged rims, however, and there are plenty of negative reviews that complain about how heavy they are.

Still, since they are manufactured for muscle cars, they are bound to be heavy, and those reviews are mere cribbing. The SM22 is a splendid set of aftermarket rims for the big, bad vehicles that are sports cars. 

They have the capability to provide that element of stability which is a must-have for any car that has V8 or V12 engines!

For premium vehicles

Chrome wheels for the premium segment is a hotly contested one since most big manufacturers are in a race to conquer this segment. However, if you really look past brand biases, the one model that will stand out is Platinum Flux 435C.

This is manufactured from the best aluminum and is a 3-piece forged wonder. The ‘Platinum’ marquee is owned by the Ultra Wheel Company and is a new entrant in this segment. This model has all the cool panache and wonderful craftmanship which are absolute must-haves for all premium vehicles.

With 10 spokes and extra chrome plating, these rims can also be used on surfaces which are unpaved. Perhaps its biggest advantage is the relatively lower price tag when compared to equivalent stuff from most other biggies!


Always ensure that you take care of your Chrome Wheels as mandated by the manufacturers. These will easily last for years and will still remain classics!

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