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How to Make an SEO-friendly Web Design that Ranks Higher

It is crucial to remember that you must concentrate on several aspects while trying to enhance your site’s functionality. We frequently focus on one or two significant elements of digital marketing while ignoring other factors that may prove to be just as essential. SEO isn’t enough if you want to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Additionally, you must design your website skilfully if you don’t want to lose the organic equity you have accumulated. Thus, it is critical to make an SEO-friendly web design to fulfill all the SEO standards of a website. A dynamic web design amalgamates with a solid SEO strategy to become an impeccable website that ranks higher in search results. 

Careful planning and a systematic approach to showcasing your company are necessary for creating an SEO-friendly website. This might be challenging for many businesses because it’s not always simple to describe all you do. Website design companies in London focus on enhancing the visibility of websites by executing SEO techniques. SEO enables your website to reach your ideal audience and compete reasonably online.  

Steps to Make an SEO-friendly Web Design 

Following are tips to make an SEO-friendly web design that adheres to user expectations and SEO perspective. If you create your site by these instructions, you can achieve a good web design with high SEO visibility. Thus, give a thorough read to the steps so that you can design your business site with the best and latest SEO strategies. 

Mobile-friendly Web Design 

Making your website mobile-friendly is evident to anyone with SEO or web design knowledge. Although it’s apparent how crucial Google considers mobile friendliness, many websites still haven’t heeded the call. Since a few years ago, fewer individuals have been using desktop computers to conduct searches. In contrast, the number of people using mobile devices to perform searches has been continuously rising. 

You risk repelling half of your visitors without a website optimized for mobile devices. This can negatively impact your leads and sales. Therefore, you must create a mobile-friendly website to gain high rankings in search results. Moreover, Google will deem a website unprofessional if it has a high bounce rate due to a slow loading speed on mobile. This could increase the chances of lowering your site rank in SERPs. 

Easy-to-Read Design 

Content is probably something you’ve spent a great deal of time on if you’ve been trying to improve your SEO. However, some people might not be aware of the significant influence a website’s design can have on your content. In addition, the way you present your content to people plays a crucial role in your web design strategy. Users may be unable to read the content they intended to read on your website due to poor web design. Therefore, professional web designers arrange and organize the content of your website skilfully to allow people to read and understand it easily. 

You’ve probably visited a website with text that was difficult to read due to the page’s layout. Perhaps the writing was light on a white backdrop or dark on a black background. These designs bring back memories of the often poor websites from the mid to late 1990s. If you create such a website, you won’t rank higher in SERPs. 

Website Speed

Wondering why your website consumes much time in loading? Most likely, it may be related to the layout of your website. One of the most crucial elements of technical SEO is website speed, which is also a common vulnerability for many websites. If you haven’t been performing well, users may leave your website because it’s too slow. 

Never forget that page speed is a recognized ranking factor. Therefore, you should focus on making your site faster by optimizing your images. In addition, removing pointless plugins, enabling browser cache, and taking other measures also help in enhancing your site speed. Therefore, keeping speed in mind to make an SEO-friendly web design is essential.  

Google also assesses your website speed, in addition to users. For example, Google’s ability to crawl your website depends upon how quickly your site loads.  


Speaking of website crawling, web design may assist with this in a variety of ways. If you want search engines to crawl your website more intelligently, you must have a sitemap in place. Thanks to your sitemap, search engines can navigate all the pages and content on your website. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to let search engines know which pages are the most crucial to your website. 

Sitemaps are helpful for users’ navigation in addition to search engines. For example, you can use your sitemap to navigate your website for a new visitor. Sitemaps also include crucial metadata to increase the likelihood that your web pages rank highly. 

The best web design services in the UK aim to add sitemaps and all other elements that boost your site rankings. These website-making companies are experts in creating dynamic sites with exceptional features, such as sitemaps.  

Image Alt Attributes 

Ensure that the descriptions in all of your image alt attributes are accurate. To be 100% W3C compatible, all images must have alt attributes. However, many photos meet this criterion by just adding any text. No alt attribute is better than inaccurate alt attributes. Search engines will scan alt attributes and consider them when deciding how relevant a page is to the search terms a user enters. It likely also influences how image-based search engines like Google Images rank results.

This is one of the essential tips for making an SEO-friendly web design rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Therefore, you must consider this when you build a custom web design for your site. 

Image Optimization 

In ideal situations, image SEO can generate a sizable volume of traffic. But, again, the context we are considering is crucial in this situation. The context of the site and the page, as well as fundamental optimization, are vital in this scenario because Google does not (yet) use the content of images.

Website designers in web design agencies perform image optimization to make SEO-friendly web designs for optimal SEO results. In addition, image optimization also enhances the user experience and aims to promote a better site ranking in search results. You can optimize your site images by following these steps: 

  • Decide an image name that clearly describes what the image is about. 
  • To reinforce the image content, you must use descriptive alt text to help those who can’t see the images.
  • Add OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to use the image in social shares.
  • Use the image at the correct physical size to ensure fast downloads.
  • Optimize the image’s file size to improve loading times.
  • Consider adding images to your XML sitemap.  
    Website Navigation 

The general appearance, feel, and user experience of a website are typically web developers’ primary concerns. In addition, the visual components of a page and user interaction with those components will interest designers and developers. Consumers using mobile devices now outnumber those using desktop or laptop computers, so they frequently prefer to make things as simple as possible. Thus, the most critical part of your website navigation is its internal links to the crucial products or feature pages. 

When you consider large eCommerce sites with hundreds or thousands of products, site navigation becomes even more critical. Therefore, London’s best website design companies focus on improving site navigation to upgrade SEO visibility. This is why making an SEO-friendly web design is considered an essential strategy. 

Final Note 

SEO and the website design are interlinked, as you need an excellent web design for SEO and vice versa. Bridging the gap between web development and SEO is the key to creating a well-designed, SEO-friendly website. Thus, encourage your teams to collaborate from the outset to ensure that your website is optimized for SEO and usability. Remember that the unique approach to ranking in search engines is to provide value to your customers. Therefore, to enhance your search results, optimize the factors mentioned above, deliver high-quality content, and develop exceptional user interfaces. 

You can also purchase web design services for web design agencies in the UK. They ensure that your web design aligns with the SEO demands so that you can rank higher in search results. Thus, if you want to make an SEO-friendly web design with the most fascinating and exemplary features, you must contact a web design company in the UK. They will help you eliminate SEO challenges by developing your website professionally and efficiently. 

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