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The Best Time to Trek on the Mustang Trek

The trek begins with a sensational flight up the Kali Gandaki to Jomsom, the gateway town to Mustang. From here it is a complete trekking adventure through astounding gorges with multi coloured cliff formations.

The ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ was only opened to organised trekkers in 1992, and it retains an undisturbed Tibetan culture with ancient monasteries and traditional villages. The best time to take this adventure is from March through to November.

Monsoon Season

Unlike most other trekking areas of Nepal, Upper Mustang is a rain shadow region and doesn’t get much rainfall. June to September is a great time for trekkers to enjoy the cliffs and valleys in a desert environment. The area is also home to ancient castles and monasteries, and was once a restricted kingdom.

The spring season from March to May offers beautiful trails and mountain scenery without the crowds. It is the ideal season for both solo and group treks. Local tea houses and cafes offer full hospitality for their guests during this period.

The summer season from July to August can be very hot. It is recommended that trekkers carry adequate water and sun protection. The month of August is notable for the full moon horse festival of Yartung Mela. This 3- or 4-day celebration starts at Lo Manthang and travels down to the lower Mustang region. Locals will be dressed in their traditional clothes and participate in horse races, archery, dancing, and festivities.

Spring Season

Spring, between March and May, is a good time to visit Mustang. The weather is ideal and there are plenty of flowers. In addition, you can enjoy the Tiji festival at Lo Manthang during this time.

Summer is also an excellent season to trek in Upper Mustang. This is because unlike the lower parts of Nepal, which receive heavy rainfall during this period, Upper Mustang does not experience any rain due to being in the rain shadow area.

Autumn, between September and November, is another great time to trek in Upper Mustang. The weather is cool and dry, and there are few other trekkers.

The winter, between December and February, is a tough time to trek in Upper Mustang. However, it is still possible to trek if you are prepared for the cold. You should wear proper cold-weather gear and have a high-altitude trekking experience. You will need to carry your own food as well, as few tea houses and hotels are open during the winter season in Upper Mustang.

Autumn Season

The autumn season at Mustang Trek is considered one of the best times to explore Nepal’s Himalayan region. It offers the best mountain views and ideal trekking conditions. Autumn is also a good time to experience the local festivals such as La Phewa and Dashain.

Winter is a challenging time to trek in Mustang as it’s very cold and snowy. However, it’s still possible to trek during the months of December and January if you are properly prepared. You must have the right clothing and equipment to survive the cold weather, such as gaiters, gloves, and proper hydration.

If you’re planning to trek in Upper Mustang during winter, be sure to book your trip with an expert guide. They will be able to advise you on the best gear and equipment to bring. They’ll also provide you with advice on how to prepare for the cold weather and how to stay safe while trekking in snow.

Winter Season

The winter months of December, January, and February offer a mesmerizing trekking experience. This is a great time to explore the unique culture and stunning landscapes of Upper Mustang. However, trekkers need to be well-prepared for the chilly weather and heavy snowfall.

Although monsoon is a bad time to trek in Nepal, Upper Mustang trek is an exception because it lies in the rain shadow area. The rainfall in Upper Mustang is not heavy, and it does not affect the trail. However, the trails may become muddy and slippery due to the rains.

Autumn, from September to November, is another ideal season for trekking in Upper Mustang. This is one of the busiest times for trekkers, so it is best to book accommodations and guides in advance. The temperatures are pleasant during the day and offer clear skies for better views of the mountain peaks. It is also a good time to observe local festivals, such as Dashain and Tihar.

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