Guide How To Clean The Inside Of The Car

It can be confusing to clean the car’s interior. Where to start vacuuming, or is it easiest to wipe off first? Collaborative guides.

Start by clearing out the car

The car is out of the garage, the doors are open, and now you need to start Rengøring af bil. There are plenty of places to clean and it can be confusing to figure out where to start.

The easiest thing, however, is to start by getting the car cleaned out. Away with garbage, paper, empty bottles and so on. Also remember the luggage compartment, the glove compartment and under the seats, where you often forget to look.

Feel free to sort the rubbish into bags or buckets so you know what needs to be recycled, what a mortgage is and what just needs to be thrown away.

Wipe surfaces with soapy water

Once things are out of the car, you can start wiping the dashboard, center console, steering wheel, glove compartment and passenger side. Make a mixture of warm water and soap, and wipe all surfaces with a hard-wrung cloth.

Remember to wipe the pockets in the door and the cup holders off as well. If there is a lot of dirt like crumbs in the bottom, use the vacuum cleaner to take it, but wait to vacuum the whole car until you have wiped the whole car off.

The dashboard often has a plastic glass surface in front of the gauges. You can run it over with some glass cleaner after you have wiped it off with the soapy water. Then the soapy water does not make streaks on the glass.

Use a toothbrush for tight spaces

It can be difficult to reach everywhere with the cloth, so here a toothbrush is just the thing. It can get around buttons, down in grooves and so on. You just do not need to use it to brush your teeth afterwards.

The toothbrush loosens the dirt in the tight places so you can wipe it off with the cloth afterwards. Just let the dirt fall to the floor. You still need to vacuum in a bit.

The toothbrush is also excellent for removing dirt in the seams on your seats, where it can come down well and scrub the dirt loose.

Clean the windows

Of course, the windows and the rearview mirror also need to be cleaned, and that’s the time for now. Simply use a window cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Remember all the windows – even the small ones in the sides at the back and front. And the sunroof, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Time to vacuum

Now it’s time to vacuum the whole car. Out with the floor mats in the bottom of the car. You can vacuum them after you have vacuumed the whole car.

Vacuum floors and seats thoroughly. If you have a brush head to put on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner hose, then it is really good for running over the center console and down to places where it is otherwise difficult to get rid of dust.

Remember to pull the front seats back so you can get under them with the vacuum cleaner.

Clean the seats and air out

Finally, you can clean the seats if they need to. If you have leather seats, you can buy so-called leather cleaner, and if you have fabric seats, you can use baking powder that you sprinkle over the seat. Let it work for a while and then vacuum it up. The baking powder removes any odors that should be in the seat.

Since you have used cleaning products, it is a good idea to open all the doors in the car and ventilate it properly. Then you get rid of unpleasant cleaning odors and you get a proper round of fresh air into the car at the same time.

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