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Choose Serverwala Dedicated Server Chicago for Best Hosting Services


A Dedicated Server Provides an environment focused on providing the best services to you. A Dedicated Server is a commonly known name among new startups and businesses in the market. A dedicated server is entirely dedicated to your data and does not affect your performance by the other users. 

According to a report of 2020, more than 59% of the world’s entire population will be using the internet, which means that the increase in website traffic can slow down the performance of your website. Dedicated Server Chicago can be a perfect solution for your business to maintain its performance and reach a maximum number of people. 

Now having an idea of the Chicago dedicated server, let’s quickly understand the features of the Serverwala web hosting provider.

Serverwala Web Hosting Provider

Serverwala is the best web hosting provider in the market due to its affordable services and features that help you maintain the performance of your website and maintain the number of people visiting your website. Furthermore, a Dedicated Server in Chicago helps you to get services that are easily accessible and gives wings to your website when it is in high traffic situations. 

Maintaining and managing the traffic at any stage and under any condition is a superpower of a Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago. Getting the best server hosting is like finding a pin from the sand; you need to focus on the feature and know the previous experience of the service provider along with teaching you the usage of services provider companies. 

Chicago Dedicated Server Features

The Best Dedicated Server Chicago comes with many features that will help you to enhance the performance of your website and business. The features of a server make it unique and differentiate it from other competitors in the market. 

Here are some of the features of the Dedicated Server in Chicago.

  • Up to 2TB storage with HDD: With up to 2TB of HDD, you get enough space to increase the performance of your server and maintain the speed of your website to provide a better experience to the website visitors. 
  • RAID Storage: Providing the feature of multiple hard drives helps the website owner avoid the cases where the failure of one drive means that you can work with other available drives in the system. 
  • Root Access: You get root access to the server, which means you can change all the settings on the server according to your needs, and also you can modify the server according to the requirements of your website. 
  • Local MySQL database server: With the help of a local MySQL database server, you get full root access to maintain the speed of your website depending upon the number of people visiting your website. 
  • Dedicated RAM and CPU resources: You can have dedicated RAM and CPU resources with the dedicated server hosting in Chicago to quickly expand your website without stress from storage and CPU problems. 

After knowing the features of the Dedicated Server Chicago, it’s time for you to know the services and Configuration offered by serverwala. 

Services and Configuration Offered by Serverwala

They offer attractive services and configurations to attract a more significant number of customers. Serverwala is a company known for its services and on-time response for any problems and queries related to the installation. Dedicated server hosting Chicago needs services to make it more effective and easily accessible to the user. 

Here Are Some of the Services That They Are Providing-

  • 24*7 Customer support: They are offering sensitive customer support that helps you improve the quality of your server. Serverwala has a supportive team that solves all your queries related to your problems and solves them in layman language. 
  • Affordable plans: They offer affordable plans that help a company easily take their services and maintain the website’s performance. A Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago should be affordable and have the best performance to increase your business and sales. 
  • Firewall protection: You can have more control over the software and hardware of your website with a dedicated server. The dedicated server Chicago comes with services like firewall protection to maintain the speed of your website. In addition, they allow you to install firewalls, anti-malware programs, and more. 
  • Handle high traffic: Their services are top-notch, and they help your website to maintain its performance in high traffic situations. In addition, Dedicated Server Chicago comes with features that allow your website to increase its uptime in the case of high traffic situations. 
  • Providing freedom to the user: It provides freedom to the user to use the desired settings and play with the customizing setting according to the requirements of your website to maintain the performance of your website. 

Now you know the importance of getting the services that serverwala offers. it’s time for you to know the importance of cheap dedicated server customized plans.

Cheap Chicago Dedicated Server Customized Plans

In Chicago, Dedicated Servers come with attractive plans, and you can not find them anywhere else in the market. Moreover, you get plans that are easily accessible and do not put any pressure on your budget and funds. 

Also These features make it more attractive and the best choice while choosing a server for your website. 

They also provide a three-month starter plan that comes for $915.00 and consists of features like 32 GB RAM, 30000 GB Bandwidth, Intel Xeon E-2236 6 cores, etc. Just because to help select the best server from the multiple numbers of services in the market. 

Now you know everything about Dedicated Server Chicago. Also it is time for you to make your final decision to maintain the performance of your website with a dedicated server. 


Buying the Best Dedicated Server Chicago from Data Centre Backup and Recovery Solutions can help you and your organization grow significantly.

It would help if you had a server that comes with various features to maintain the speed. Also it maintain the performance of your web pages under high traffic conditions. Dedicated server hosting in Chicago allows you to modify your server setting according to your needs. 

Serverwala provides the best server services in the market; if you are looking for unmanaged VPS hosting, visit their website.

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