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Best Whale Watching Cruises You Must Try

Taking a whale watching cruise can be a great way to enjoy the beauty of Alaska. However, there are several things you need to keep in mind before you decide on a tour.

Humpback whales

Seeing whales while whale watching in Alaska is a memorable experience. These animals can be found in the waters surrounding many coastal towns and cities in Alaska. The best time to see whales is during the summer months, when the weather is warmer.

Humpback whales are the most common species to see while whale watching in Alaska. They are known for their impressive feeding behaviors. They feed on small fish and shrimp-like organisms called krill.

When observing whales, you can watch them jumping out of the water and slapping their tails on the surface. They can also be seen lunging for food with their mouth open. They use a filter feeding system inside of their mouths to help prevent the swallowing of too much seawater.

They also use bubble nets, which push prey towards the surface. This is a highly synchronized feeding technique. Over a dozen humpback whales can be involved in this activity.

When a humpback whale feeds, it holds its breath for up to five or ten minutes. Its spout is also visible during this time. The humpback whale’s white belly helps it to blend in with the ocean. This coloring helps them avoid predator interactions.

Humpback whales spend most of their time in Southeast Alaska. They are able to migrate to other oceans and to the islands of Hawaii, but they will always return to the Pacific Northwest every spring and fall. They are commonly spotted in the waters of the Alaskan Inside Passage.

In addition to humpbacks, other whales to look for while whale watching in Alaska include orcas, minke whales and beluga whales. In certain seasons, fin whales are also visible.

Humpback whales can be seen during the summer season, although they are most prevalent in June and July. They also spend the winter in the warmer waters of the Pacific.

You can enjoy a variety of whale watching tours in Juneau. Some of the best options are those operated by Jayleen’s Alaska. They offer whale watching excursions as well as naturalist photographers and refreshments. They provide a 100% money back guarantee.

Orca whales

During whale watching in Alaska, you can see a variety of cetacean species, including killer whales, orcas, humpback whales and even whale sharks. However, the most common whales you will see are orcas. They are the largest member of the dolphin family and are also known as killer whales. You can also spot beluga whales.

The best time to see orcas in Alaska is during the spring and summer. These whales are in the feeding season and will frequent the area when salmon are performing their annual summer run. You can usually find orcas in the waters of Southeast Alaska, but you may be lucky enough to sight one offshore.

You can also spot killer whales in Alaska’s bays and inlets. These whales are most likely to be spotted near Seward and Juneau. They also move north through the Bering Strait in the spring and fall. They are also spotted in Southeast Alaska from early May to early June.

While there is no set migration pattern for orcas, they generally travel in groups of four to seven adult males, adult females, calves and other sea mammals. These groupings are called pods.

Orcas can be found in all oceans and are the second largest mammal on Earth. They are about 15 to 30 feet long and can swim up to 30 miles per hour. They have a black tail, white belly and a long flipper that is irregularly shaped.

Orcas are also the world’s largest jumpers. There are two ways they do it: a breach and a lunge. A breach is a true leap out of the water, while a lunge is less than 40% clearance.

Orcas are also the largest members of the dolphin family. Orcas are known to feed on fish, birds, seals and sea turtles. They have a long tail and a large, white belly. They can be found in all the oceans, and can be seen from the Inside Passage to the Gulf of Alaska.

Whale watching in Alaska is a fun activity for the whole family. Whether you are taking a tour on a small vessel, or joining a guided group, you can be sure that you will see some amazing whales.

Kenai Fjords Tours

Whether you are interested in whale watching in Alaska or just visiting this unique place, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are cruises that allow you to view wildlife, including eagles, sea lions, and sea otters. If you are looking for a more active experience, you can go kayaking. However, kayaking in Alaska is not for everyone. If you do not have a good swimming ability, you may want to consider a different activity.

There are three different types of cruises that you can take in Kenai Fjords. One of the most popular is the Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay Half Day Tour. This tour is a combination of sightseeing in the National Park and wildlife viewing in Resurrection Bay.

Another type of cruise is the Prince William Sound 26 Glaciers Cruise. This is an adventure that allows you to see both tidewater and alpine glaciers. These are huge, white gems that form on mountainsides and push slowly through valleys. You can also see hanging glaciers, cirque glaciers, and piedmont glaciers on these tours.

There are also snorkeling and kayaking tours in Kenai Fjords. You can find both of these tours on Pursuit. This company offers both luxury and budget cruises. You will have a chance to enjoy spectacular scenery as well as a chance to observe marine mammals, such as bald eagles and orange-footed puffins.

If you are interested in whale watching, it is best to go on a boat tour. The most commonly seen whales are humpbacks and orcas. The best times to view whales are from mid-May through June. In addition to whales, you can also expect to see dolphins and Dall’s porpoises. These animals are usually seen in pods. They move based on food availability and ice coverage.

You should take a pair of binoculars with you. You should also be sure to check the weather before you go. You should also pack warm layers. The best time to go on a whale watching tour in Alaska is during the spring and fall.

If you are interested in whale watching in Alaska, be sure to book a tour with a company that is certified as Whale SENSE. This company is certified to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.


Whether you are a tourist or local, a Juneau whale watching tour is a great activity for the whole family. It can be an adventure that you will never forget.

You will have the chance to spot whales, eagles, seals, stellar sea lions, and other wildlife. Your guide will help you find the best spots for your sightings. You can even combine your tour with a trip to Mendenhall Glacier.

When choosing a tour, you should check to see if it is offered by your cruise line. If you are traveling by yourself, you may want to look for a tour that is offered by a local company. You will usually receive a light snack and water with your whale watching excursion. You will also have time to sit and relax.

Most tours are three to four hours long. The boat will have huge windows to allow you to see the whales up close. The crew will provide you with details about the whales, including how they feed and their migration patterns.

You will also receive binoculars to help you spot wildlife. You will have an opportunity to take photos of the whales. You can also buy snacks and drinks during the tour. Often, the whale watching excursion includes a stop at an Alaskan brewery.

You will also receive a four-beer tasting flight. You can book this tour through the company’s website. The company is also a great supporter of smaller local companies.

You will also receive a snack, a cup of coffee, and a hot chocolate. Your guide will also tell you all about the nature of the area and potential wildlife sights.

Aside from the whales, you can also find dolphins and orcas in the waters surrounding Juneau. You will also have the chance to view Bald Eagles.

The best time to go whale watching in Juneau is from April to November. You will also need to bring warm clothing and a waterproof jacket. You should also consider renting a lens. The zoom lens will be handy if you want to view the calving of a glacier.

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