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Everything You Need to Know About Gait Analysis and Phits Insoles

Gait analysis is a type of biochemical examination in which physiotherapists tell you how efficiently you move your body while running or walking. Abnormalities or asymmetries in foot strike cause tendon soreness, ligament soreness, and joint and muscle pain in the knee, ankle, back, and hip. The assessment helps physiotherapists to understand your issues and offer the best solution to lessen the risk of injuries in the future.

Who can get relief from gait analysis?

Are you confused about whether gait analysis is for you? Gait analysis will benefit you if you:

  • Experience pain while running or walking
  • Suffer from feet soreness if you stand for long hours
  • Have ankle, hip, knee, back, or foot pain
  • Have bunions, hammer toes, or flat feet
  • Are you a sportsperson or a physically active person
  • Have body posture or balance issues
  • Suffer from ailments like metatarsalgia or plantar fasciitis

Why do you need Phit Insoles?

Many people think Phits Insoles are for athletes and sportsmen, but these are for everyone. Translating your bodily movements into a tailored insole is a fascinating process and 3D-printing technologies make it possible. So, the insoles designed for you will fit your feet perfectly.

They are designed in such a manner that the biomechanical imbalances in the lower limbs get restored. They provide customized cushioning and support exactly where your feet need it. You will soon experience improved comfort and great efficiency in performing daily tasks and walking.

Advantages of phits insoles

Phits is a high-tech printed insole based on your gait analysis. This technology gives you the opportunity to

  • Assess balance
  • Identify risks of injuries
  • Assess pressure felt through various parts of your feet when still and during movement
  • Assess your rear foot and fore-foot’s movement while running and walking
  • Assess your foot’s arch

Commonly available phits insoles

As explained earlier, phits insoles aren’t just for athletes but for everybody. The most common types of phits insoles include:

  1. Comfort insoles- These types of insoles are perfect for daily wear. They are like semi-orthopedic shoes meant for people who have a medium/ average foot width. 
  2. Sports insoles- Are you into sports? You will get a range of phits insoles made specifically for you.
  3. Running insoles- From recreational runners to professional athletes – thousands of runners from different parts of the world prefer customized phits insoles to become better runners.

Should you spend money on phits insoles?

It is a type of investment that will help you save a lot of money in the long run. Made of high-quality material, phits insoles can be your feet’s best friend. They are designed to fix your issues and offer you the ultimate comfort.

Stay on Your Feet!

Phits insoles are known for their extreme durability, optimal efficiency, and superior stability. These innovative orthotics will offer you the right guidance and support with each step you take. So, bid adieu to biomechanical imbalances in your lower body by ordering these customized insoles. Make sure you visit a reputable clinic to get the orthotics that suit your unique gait pattern.

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