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Best Big Performance Mods


Need 50 or more horsepower right now, but not a minute from now? If you need just a temporary boost, take a look at a nitrous kit. Nitrous oxide is a stable gas at normal temperatures, but when heated, it breaks down into a large amount of oxygen. It has a cooling effect on the air too, resulting in a much denser air charge entering the combustion chamber for a more powerful burn. Nitrous kits are somewhat universal, meaning you could have all the parts you need, but you’ll likely need to buy a few extra parts to get it all plumbed in your specific engine.

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Forced Induction

There is no single modification that can radically increase your engine’s power output and transform your ride like a turbocharger or supercharger. A Scion TC becomes a little race car for the street, and a Mustang GT becomes a fire-breathing monster. If adding 200+ horsepower sounds good, read on.


Forced induction is great, but there are a lot of natural aspiration enthusiasts that want to see what they can do “all engine.” For you, there’s the performance camshaft. It’s affectionately called a “bump stick” — an appropriate name, as the cam looks like a metal stick with bumps down its circumference. Those bumps are cam lobes that determine when air gets into and out of the combustion chamber by precisely opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves.

Full Exhaust

Nope, we’re not just talking those larger diameter exhaust tips. Those look neat, but that’s about it. For a real increase in power and a quality sound (not just harsh and loud), you need a full exhaust. Rather than upgrading just the cat-back, a full exhaust is from the headers all the way back. Replace that rusty and ugly exhaust manifold with a stainless-steel header for increased flow.

Road race suspension

Larger sway bars are the single best upgrade to keep your performance car flat in the corners or give your family sedan sports car handling without negatively increasing road noise or harshness. A larger diameter bar remains stiff despite the cornering forces, preventing the body lean seen in sloppy suspensions. Installation takes about an hour and can be handled by a beginner. Individual performance bars start around $200 each, but look to a matched set for the best performance, averaging $450.

Increase Fuel

“Back in my day,” people upgraded Camaro fuel pumps with Corvette pumps for a cheap way to increase gallons per hour by about 50%. Fuel systems and ECUs are quite a bit more complex now, but the idea is the same. If you’re doing forced induction, big cam or other performance improvements above, your fuel demands will increase.

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