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What Is an Ecological Car Wash? Everything You Need To Know

Year after year the awareness for caring for the environment increases and it is not surprising. The increase in pollution affects issues as important as global warming and, obviously, our health. New techniques arise to take care of the ecosystem, even for the care of our vehicles, for this reason, we want to tell you what an ecological car wash is.

This technique is beneficial for the environment for different reasons and, in addition, the result in your vehicle is spectacular. Not only is it shiny, it is also a careful practice with the materials of both the body and the interior. Do you want to find out?

What Is Ecological Car Wash and What Products Does It Use

The first thing in this case would be to explain what an ecological car wash is, which in this case is a technique that consists of reducing the consumption of water in washing a vehicle, to the point of making it almost unnecessary, through the use of totally respectful products with the environment.

By tradition, car washing was carried out with pressure hoses or car washes that imply a very high use of water, which in itself has a negative impact on the environment.

In addition, these types of machines use soaps and waxes that are not eco-friendly, so the damage to nature is double. In addition to wasting water unnecessarily, we contaminate it with products that, on occasions, not even the treatment plants themselves are capable of eliminating.

What Part Of the Vehicle Can It Be Applied To?

Now you know what an ecological car wash is, but you may be wondering how this technique is applied, to what areas and what is the result of this type of “dry cleaning”. Do you want to know? We tell you!

External Washing

The exterior washing of our vehicle is always the one that has generated the most water use. On the one hand, there are pressurized water guns that, if we are not careful, can damage our paint as well as costing a lot of water. On the other hand, car washes, in addition to also having a high consumption, can damage not only the paint, but also the bodywork. In some cases, the rollers have become caught with spoilers or trims, leading to their removal.

If you are one of those who have suffered such a mishap with traditional cleaning methods, now that you know what an ecological car wash is, we hope you switch to the sustainable side.

To clean your body, biodegradable products will be used that have a perfect cleaning effect for your car. These liquids or waxes separate the embedded dirt in your vehicle, including mosquitoes, and the cleaning experts remove them with suitable cloths until it is perfect.

Even if you need it, you can do a headlight polishing that has totally amazing results. If your headlights are almost opaque, in addition to impairing your visibility when driving at night, it is a rather unpleasant effect. This technique has such good results that it seems that you have completely renewed them.

Internal Wash

Inside the vehicle the result is just as spectacular as outside. The products used are different since, if you choose the professional in charge well, they will be able to clean the windows, dashboard and all the panels of the vehicle, upholstery of whatever material it is, vacuum the vehicle and also the trunk and roof in an integral way.

The interior washing goes from a vacuum that surely we all need to cleaning the ceiling, which is usually the most complicated. This part of our vehicle is usually stained in an unexpected way or even due to constant friction with the hands near the handles.

Dust, dirt encrusted on the steering wheel or gear lever due to constant use and other stains that are impossible for us, are removed by dry cleaning experts. Also, another plus is that the smell that remains after this wash is great, you won’t want to get out of the car!

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