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5 Tips for Keeping Your Car In Good Shape During The Winter

Because the frequency of automotive problems increases throughout the winter months due to lower temperatures and severe weather, we’ve put together some guidelines to help you take care of your vehicle if you want to keep car valuation at the best and keep it maintenance free.
We propose that you take your vehicle to a professional technical service before the winter weather starts to affect your life. This will help you rule out any internal vehicle failure. Although the cold can cause a variety of issues for cars, up to half of them could have been avoided with regular service and maintenance inspections.
a) Make sure the battery is charged.
Prior to the onset of winter, the battery should be a top priority. It not only suffers from low temperatures during the coldest months of the year, but its frequent use owing to the functioning of the lights and heating puts it under additional strain, reducing its performance.
The batteries have a five-year life expectancy. Check your battery and replace it if necessary if your car is having difficulties starting.
b) Examine the tyres’ condition.
Because car tyres are so important for steering and braking, they must be in good working order. Check the tread depth and tyre pressure.
During the winter, we propose a minimum depth of 3 millimetres, rather than the legal minimum of 1.6 millimetres, because this gives better grip.
Changing from summer tyres to winter tyres, which perform better on wet conditions and snow, is one of the winter car maintenance advice.
c) Make that the lights are in good working order.
Make that the back lights, indicators, and reflectors are all in good working order. Make sure the lenses aren’t damaged or the bulbs aren’t burned out. Check the headlights, fog lights, and gauges as well.
d) Add antifreeze to the engine coolant
The engine coolant must be a 50/50 blend of water and antifreeze; this is one of the most important auto maintenance tips to remember! Because the coolant has been diluted, you will need to refill the engine cooling circuit, but keep the measurement in mind.
People make the mistake of replenishing engine coolant with water, causing the antifreeze to thin down and freeze in extremely cold temperatures. This can result in overheating of the engine and a hefty repair charge.
(e) Tips for keeping your car in good shape over the winter
The following are some of the greatest methods for keeping your vehicle safe throughout the coldest months of the year:

  1. If the windshield and windows of your car are frozen in the morning
    When hurrying to work or taking the kids to school, who wants to remove a coating of frozen snow from the windshield and car windows in the morning? Save time and effort by rubbing half an onion on your glasses the night before a big frost! This unusual approach will keep the surfaces frost-free.
    Another technique to keep these sections of your car from freezing is to use a defroster. Rubber bath mats should be used to cover them! These car-care tips, believe it or not, are just as effective in the cold!
  2. The ice-cold shards on your windshield
    Wipe each nib with a delicate cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Even on the coldest days of the year, the alcohol will keep the nibs from clinging to the windshield and ensure that they perform correctly.
  3. Your car’s door lock has become stuck.
    There are a few options for defrosting your car lock quickly so you can get inside. A common approach is to warm your car key with a match or lighter, then carefully put the hot key into the lock while exerting pressure to melt the ice.
    Another option is to blow directly on the frozen lock with a straw. The warmth of your breath should quickly melt the ice. Check out our piece on 7 ways to avoid being in your car all year; these strategies will come in handy in any season!
  4. Is your visibility obstructed by a hazy windshield?
    During the winter, your windshield and windows are likely to be fogged up all of the time, which is a dangerous situation to be in when driving. Keep a whiteboard eraser in your car to rapidly remove fog without leaving a smudge. If you pull down the window and let some fresh air in, the windows will soon defog. Do you have any other ideas for caring for your car during the coldest months of the year that can help you avoid the foggy effect?
  5. Mirrors in the rear view mirrors are frozen
    During the winter, cover your rear-view mirrors with plastic bags tied with rubber bands or clothespins every night to prevent ice from accumulating! The mirrors will be free of ice when you remove the bags in the morning.
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