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Trusted Choices: Volvo and CAT Construction Equipment for Efficiency

Volvo and CAT are some of the popular manufacturers of construction equipment that are widely used in the industry. Volvo construction equipment offers a range of excavators, Motor Graders, and loaders, providing excellent performance, fuel efficiency, and operator comfort.

CAT construction equipment offers a diverse lineup, including excavators, dozers, and wheel loaders. The usability of CAT and Volvo construction equipment are trusted choices for construction projects of various scales and complexities.

Volvo EC140DL

Volvo Construction Equipment is a popular machine and manufacturer of a variety of Construction Equipment. The Volvo EC140DL is a compact excavator with a powerful 105-hp engine. The operating weight of the EC140DL is 16,730 Kg for efficient operations. The lifting capacity of 3,500 kg for lifting heavier loads. The bucket capacity of the EC140DL is 0.64 cum allows it to hold heavy materials.

The hydraulic system of the EC140DL has a flow rate of 2 Lpm and powers the various hydraulic functions of the machine. EC140DL can reach a maximum digging depth of 6,030 MM  to dig deeper into the earth.


CAT, or Caterpillar Inc, is one of the topmost companies manufacturing Construction Equipments. The CAT SD5K Dozer is also a popular model with an operating weight of 13,100 Kg for efficient operations. A track width of 1790 mm measures the distance between the inner edges of the tracks.

The machine is equipped with a net power output of 130 hp to perform various functions. It features a semi-universal blade with a capacity of 3 cum. The ground pressure the machine exerts during the use of the SU blade is 45 PSI.

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