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The best group boat tours in Mykonos

Mykonos is a Greek island and Cyclades part. It is situated in the mid of the Aegean Sea, enjoying the calm and warm water. It is a renowned island off the Greek mainland and a major tourist attraction.

In Mykonos, you can enjoy all types of amazing beaches, turquoise water, and natural beauty. The scenic villages and white-washed houses are adorable. People from around the world want to visit Mykonos to develop mesmerizing memories.

Being on the island makes it obvious for travelers to choose the boat tour Mykonos. It is a must during your trip to Mykonos. 

Boat tour Mykonos gives you the chance to enjoy the magical crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea. Glide through the Mediterranean, jump from the boat to swim, and snorkel in the sparkling water of the crystalline coves.

Enjoy on the relaxing deck, soaking yourself in the cozy sun, and dig in the freshly made Greek lunch to satisfy your hunger. While taking a boat ride, you can enjoy the incomparable views of the scenic beaches over the coast.

Here are some renowned boat tours and cruises in Mykonos:

Called the Island of the Winds, Mykonos is a heaven for beach lovers. From appealing sunset cruises to elite private boat tours, you will come with several options.

Delos and Rhenia Island boat tour

Enjoy this satisfying trip from Mykonos to Cycladic, and have a great day tour. Move near Delos, and you will feel the strong aura of the ancient island.

Discover the charismatic mosaics and statues in Delos along with ruins of Kleopatra and Dionysus houses which are eternal. And pay your visit to Rhenia Island to get the best aroma and taste of traditional Greek cuisine. 

South Coast beaches boat tours

Be prepared to get hypnotized by the extraordinary south coast Mykonos vistas. You will enjoy the elegant views of Psarou Beach, Super Paradise, and Platys Gyalos. Dive in the rich turquoise water of the Aegean Sea and satiate your hunger with delicious Greek delicacies. 

Sailing boat tours

Set the sail and enjoy a sensual sailing boat ride in Mykonian water. Want to enjoy swimming or snorkeling? You have the facilities to do it. Taste delicious food and party on the boat with friends with Mykonos town in the background. Sail to the harbor after a few hours.

Sunset cruise

Witness the eternal meeting of the sun and the sea while sitting on a cruise passing the north and west of Mykonos. Leave yourself for some time and let the moment soak in. hold your dear ones close and drink the moment to live in your heart forever.

Private boat tour

If you want to explore the island and the water in a private setting, you can also go for that. Choose a good private boat tour to enjoy a memorable and peaceful sailing experience, and check out the best of Mykonos Island. 

These are some of the boat tours that you can choose when exploring Mykonos. Pick the one that suits your budget and preference, and go for it. There is an option for all. 

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