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Choosing the Right Curtain Rods for Your Home

Custom-sized curtain rods have the ability to transform a space. A design-savvy client of mine, who was looking for just the right touch to high-end her living room, ordered these gorgeous custom lucite and satin brass rods. They are a substantial scale as they are going into a room with 11-foot ceilings, but also look amazing paired with simple linens and floor-length draperies.

Curtains need curtain hardware of some sort in order to hang up, obviously.  That’s why our curtain rods section is so important!  We have a huge selection of curtain rods, including traditional wood ones, ultra-modern metal ones, transitional options like glass and wood, patterned options if you want something more playful, and everything in between.

Curtains and curtain hardware have a language all their own and luckily I am fluent in curtain-else. What does this mean? Well, it means that I know about every single term for types of hooks, rings and mounts for hanging curtains. But more importantly, if you aren’t familiar with these terms, here I’m demystifying the terminology a little and sharing some pro tips for hanging curtains.

What we love about curtain hardware is that there are SO many options! We can pretty much ANYTHING that can have been used to hang curtains, from branches to canoe paddles to copper pipe! But what you choose and where you put it impacts everything about the finished feel. A simple rod just a few inches taller than your window will make the room feel larger; a rod too high or too short can make your creation look like it’s homemade. So, ask yourself this question: How do I want my space to feel?

Curtain hardware can be used for valances or panels, though if you want a more custom-finished look, mounting tailored valances on a board is a great way to achieve that. What is more, this method allows for an exposed backside, which really lets your curtain panels stand out.  If you are of a certain age, you might remember that unfortunate era where panels were gathered onto poles and the exposed rod space in the middle was sometimes covered with a matching scrunched-up sleeve of fabric providing a perfect space for dust bunnies to play hide and seek.

If you’re searching for a way to bring light into your room, then curtains are a great option. They come in a variety of styles and fabrics, each suited to a specific decorating style. Take your time when choosing them to ensure they will fit with the overall look of your home. Curtains can dramatically change the look of your space and add an interesting focal point. If your windows are too large (or too small) for any other curtains, drapery panels could be a good solution. The most classic window treatment, and one that never goes out of fashion, is floor-length curtain panels.

Basic anatomy of a traditional curtain rod

Curtain rods are the most popular way to hang curtains. They consist of brackets and a rod. Curtain rings are used, although other methods can be used as well including grommet curtains, tab top curtains and gathered on rods.


Curtain rods are most commonly held up by brackets.  The thinner and longer the pole, the more brackets will be needed to keep it from dipping in the middle.  The size of the brackets is determined by the diameter of the rod and how far from the wall you want the rod to be. The measurement from the wall to the centre of where the pole sits in the bracket is called the return because this is the amount of fabric on the edge of the panel that should return to the wall covering the gap on the sides of the curtains. Professional drapery installers will use a small hook screwed into a wall next to each bracket to anchor this fabric return.


Custom-made rods are generally much higher quality in addition to being sized at exactly the length needed. We use a local fabricator for all our custom metal hardware components. Our roller blinds offer easy operation and have a clean, contemporary style that’s perfect for any room.

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