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How to Stay Focused When You Feel Overwhelmed

“Everyone is getting somewhere, while I’m just stuck in the hamster wheel”

If you are overwhelmed by the words written above, you’ve clicked on the right blog

You stayed up the whole night, staring at the roof, all numb. The heart still beats faster than the speed of sound. You feel tired, not because you didn’t get enough sleep. It is the usual tiredness, you feel every other day. Sometimes, the feeling of being snowed under by too many things plays with our minds. All the physical aches we feel i.e. headache, heartburn, and shortness of breath, are the consequences of being overwhelmed. If you’re now more frustrated because you’ve searched the physical symptoms online, dear over-thinker, stop believing everything you see on Google.

All you have to do is to stay focused. And how to stay focused when you feel overwhelmed is something you are going to find out in this passage. Stay tuned.

How to Stay Focused When You Feel Overwhelmed

When we experience the deluge of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations kicks the anxiousness in. The first thing you need to identify is where it is coming from. What is it that’s making you feel overwhelmed? Life is a path of stones, there are multiple things that can play with our peace of mind. For some, it can be a huge blessing, but at some point, things feel like the thorn in our flesh. And the worst thing about it is the feeling that doesn’t only play with our mind but our health. The heart beats faster than light, the mind does a running marathon or you may feel numb at times.

Well if you are currently at the stage, try to be focused. You can start trying it right now. Maintain your focus of attention by reading the next few paragraphs for a few minutes. We have gathered all the expert advice and helpful tips from the psychologist just to help you.

Your Reaction Is Completely Normal:

This is the 1st thing that your need to understand. Your reaction is absolutely normal. Whether you have just misbehaved with your loved ones or ruined something very important. It’s okay pal! Apologize from the core of your heart and understand that what you’ve just done is a result of frustration burning inside you. When anxiety kicks in, this kind of reaction appears. You feel terrified and you take out your anger on some innocent creature.

It’s not easy to manage your relationships, academic life, personal life, and all responsibilities at once. If academic stress is the major reason for your distress, take assistance from any assignment helper present in your area.

If there are other things, disturbing you, learn to accept yourself first. Learn to accept the things happening around you and try to deal with each one of them.

Practice Breathing:

Having difficulty breathing? Try taking a deep breath. Inhale, pause, count till 3, release, and exhale. Sometimes we feel as if we are running out of oxygen, and the heart feels conjugated. During this time, we should try taking a deep breath as it creates a feeling of relaxation. This technique helps people to manage stress.

Take a notebook and jot down each thing that you need to prioritize.

Excellent performance at work

Good scores in your course

Spending some family time

Plan meetups with your friends

Have proper sleep

Managing all the things may seem easy, but it’s not and it’s okay. Diamonds are made under pressure. Right each point one by one and rank them as your priority. Focus on the first thing you have written and forget the rest for a moment. Things eventually will begin to fall at their places.

Manage Time:

Time management is the easiest thing that all of us ignore. If managing work life and academic life is becoming problematic for you, assign your academic tasks to essay mills and be seated. Now that you are at ease from your academic side, make a to-do list.

Include each and everything in that list be it cooking with your mother or reading books. Distribute each task in time. Make time and space for all the necessary to-do things.

Here one of the most common mistakes people make is to procrastinate. Of course, sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything. But continuing this kind of behavior only makes things more complicated. You have to manage time for each and every activity you want to do. If you feel like you’re running out of time, that’s wrong, pal. You just don’t know how to manage it.

Take A Walk:

If you feel bottled up, you might be feeling as if there is no one who can understand you. When emotions like this hit you up, take your cycle and go out for a ride. You can also enjoy the breezy wind of your city by simply going on a walk.

You can take anyone with you, with whom you can share silence. With some people, even a simple quiet time feels amazing. Take any of your close ones with whom you are comfortable. Roam around the streets and enjoy nature.

Luckily walking doesn’t require the presence of anyone. So, if you want to be alone, you can be. You can lift up your mood, by wandering the streets and observing nature on your own. The sight of leaves falling, kids playing, and birds singing, is undoubtedly food to one’s soul.


When one thing starts to disturb our peace of mind, we eventually begin to ruin other things as well. If the same is happening to you, know that you are overburdened with all the emotions.

A lot of you might think, that you have gone mad. You are becoming a burden to someone or you are the problem. This is the time when you need to realize, that it is not you but your mind. When our mind is distressed, it releases Dopamine (the saddening hormone). In such cases all you think is negative. This is the time when you need to take care of yourself with the healthy tips mentioned above. Maintain your focus and make a to-do list to start practicing your ability to focus right away.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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