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6 Captivating Children’s Mystery Books to Read

Mystery stories and historical mystery books not only test the critical thinking of young readers but also invite them to use their logical reasoning abilities as they go on covert missions or solve ancient secrets. But unfortunately, these intriguing new mystery books are complete with awful crimes, from stolen paintings to horrifying murder riddles. Fortunately, a courageous detective always arrives on the scene first to try to save the day.

The Clemente Spell

By John Defelice

All love a good murder mystery. Unless it affects your family, that is. When Johnny Paul was a child, he dreamed of being a professional baseball player, but after learning that his family was under a curse due to a dark, hidden secret, he was plunged into a world of chaos.

The Clemente Spell is a contemporary fairy tale where The Sandlot and The Shack collide, telling the timeless story of the conflict between light and darkness. Discover how a young guy overcomes the darkness of a failing family and encounters the love of his life.

To solve the murder case John lays out for you in his best-selling children’s mystery books, jump on this exciting voyage and chance to defeat Sherlock Holmes.

The Dot And Jabber Series

By Ellen Stoll Walsh

In these mystery series books, the miniature mouse detectives Dot & Jabber solve a different mystery. Young readers will enjoy these mysteries while learning about the wonders of science through the use of some adorable small creatures. In addition, every book has an afterword that contains information about the subject of the book; Dot & Jabber, for instance, has simple-to-understand facts about oak trees and acorns.

The Mystery Of The Missing Cake

By Claudia Boldt

“Harold, curled up cosy in bed, thinks, ‘Today is the perfect day for solving riddles and eating cheese. However, every day was ideal for Harold to solve riddles and eat cheese every day. And those are words I can relate to, people. Harold the Fox attends his friend Donkey’s costume-themed birthday celebration. When the birthday burro’s cake gets taken during a game of monster tag, the celebrations become sour. By fitting the puzzle pieces together to identify the perpetrator of this cake caper, Harold intervenes to save the party and the day. It’s a fantastic lesson about the value of openness, generosity, and the pleasures of a delicious piece of cake.

The Good Turn

By Sharna Jackson

The highly regarded High-Rise Mystery author Sharna Jackson is back with another intriguing mystery tale. The main character of The Good Turn is 11-year-old Josephine Williams, a tech-savvy adventurer who wants to lead her troop much like Josephine Holloway. She enlists her two best friends, Margot and Wesley, and while camping to earn their Camping Badge, the group finds an abandoned factory. How could they resist entering? They find a worn-out television, two worn-out armchairs, and a dusty image of a young couple inside. They, who? How did it get here? Where are they right now?

Rockstar Detectives

By Adam Hills And Luna Valentine

12-year-old Charley and her best friend George, a comedian and filmmaker, captivate the world with their catchy singing while on tour throughout Europe. But as some priceless artefacts start to disappear from all over, the two find themselves at the centre of the inquiry. Charley and George’s supporters eventually question their innocence due to the police’s conviction that they are responsible for the robberies. So the pair must track down the actual art thief to clear their names.

The London Eye Mystery

By Siobhan Dowd

Ted and Kat’s cousin Salim and his mother are in the area. The gang is unhappy to discover a lengthy line as they arrive in London for the day to visit the London Eye. A stranger approaches the cousins and volunteers his ticket when the man’s dread causes him to be unable to push himself to ride the Eye any longer. Salim is urged to take the Eye by Ted and Kat because they have never done it. After 30 minutes, one of the pods’ returns, and they wave their relative onto it, but Salim is not there. Has he been removed? He’s never come down from the London Eye, has he? Ted and Kat must do the investigation.

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