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Pranayama and Meditation – A Part Of The Teacher Training Course

Most yoga enthusiasts and students, probably know that Pranayama and Meditation are important part of the yoga TTC syllabus. It goes without saying, that yoga is a holistic discipline, which is not just about your physical body, although it is as important. You may have already done or planning to do the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, but the above two subjects will definitely be a part of the course.

Some of you may have even completed the foundation course, and are looking forward to more advanced courses like the 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India. You should understand, what it consists of, so that your journey becomes all the easier.

Pranayama As A Part Of The Course

For the unversed, it is absolutely important for you to know, what it is all about. Pranayama is nothing, but an ancient breathing technique, that originates from the yogic practices in India. It involves following your breath, while doing the asanas. There are different styles and patterns of breath, which you must practice. It has gained a lot of popularity in the western world off late. Moreover, Pranayama is the fourth limb, which is typically practiced in Yoga. Prana and Yama mean two things, breath or life and expansion of breath. So, it is nothing but expansion of your breath. And it goes without saying, that, it is an important part of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. The effects of proper breath control and patterns are far and wide. So, it is just, for it to be a part of the syllabus.

You will be learning about various Pranayama techniques as a part of the course. But, before that, you should know, what the different kinds of prana are. They are pranas are udana, prana, samana, apana and vyana. One of the ultimate aims of this technique is to regulate the flow of air, through the nostrils. You mainly have to balance them well, to get the exact benefits. The left nostril is the Ida and the right one is the Pingala. Pranayama practice opens up the central one, the Sushumna. When the amount of breath passing through the Ida and Pingala are the same, your body gets cured of a lot of ailments. The energy pathways or the nadis also open up. Nadis are invisible to the physical eye. You cannot see them. Your physical body is mainly built around the nadis. After you do the course, you will start unearthing the physical benefits of Pranayama. When you open the Sushumna, the Kundalini awakens and opens all the blockages. The result is a divine state of consciousness without any ego or hatred. The technique assumes more varied forms in the 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Meditation – A Reality

You will be amazed to know, that science also recognizes meditation and its benefits. Buddhists have been practicing meditation for many years. But today, the common man also needs it. Some people might dismiss it as a pseudoscience, but it has its practicalities and effects. It has been seen, that mindfulness meditation creates distinct changes or patterns in the brain cells. As a part of the curriculum, you will practice mindfulness meditation. It mainly teaches you to be in the present state. The guru also has a huge role to play in it. You will be amazed to know, that meditation can help you to focus and concentrate, even when you are not meditating. As a part of the 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in India, you have to practice mantra meditation. It mainly involves a combination of words, syllables and phrases. You can speak them, sing them as bhajans and kirtans or say them in your mind. Its roots seem to be in Buddhist scriptures, but Hindus are not far away from the same.

People can do mantra meditation for a variety of reasons. It often acts as a mental protection against unjust thoughts and gestures. You can remain unaffected in the face of a storm, whether physical or mental. It can also lead to a much deeper spiritual purpose. Mantra meditation will keep the mind focussed and calm, in all kinds of circumstances. That is why, you should make it an important part of your life.

Thus, you can now very well understand, the various forms of meditation, like chakra meditation, guided meditation and more. You can also use the mantra, Aum to aid you in your quest for salvation. All in all, meditation is one of the best things to happen to today.

Other Aspects Of The Course

You can enroll in one of the teacher training courses, at Samadhi Yoga Ashram. It will give you a holistic overview of the entire arena, that is yoga. It goes without saying, that yoga is one such wellness discipline, which will give you the best exposure, in terms of fine living. The other modules that you will be studying as a part of the course include, asanas and kriyas. You will be able to learn about the standing, sitting, as well as a supine asana. All the asanas are aimed towards body positivity and will give you a different and wholesome outlook on life.

The yogis who will teach you at Samadhi Yoga Ashram, can give you the best knowledge today. They have spent many decades unearthing the several possibilities of the asanas. You will get to learn the best principles in a systematic manner. Moreover, the accrediting body will help you to make a mark. Yoga Alliance certifies all the courses, which will in turn, give you the scope to do well in your career as a yoga teacher, not just in India but across the globe. The best training awaits you at the school in Rishikesh, which is the birthplace of yoga. Indulge all your senses and do the yoga asanas like a pro, after completing the basic level. You will be able to create a huge effect on the minds of the students.

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