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Solutions For Staff Parking Problems

Many times, car parking can become one of the huge problems if not handled properly. Managing the car parking area involves checking available spaces, the number of cars parked, noting the registration number of the car, providing proper space for entry and exit, and a lot more.

So, here we will discuss some of the best solutions for car parking problems that will help you in maintaining smart parking.

1. Lots Of People Present For The Parking

If too many staffs are there in any office and you are having less space, it can create chaos. This problem can be solved through a first come first serve facility or by providing designated space for every employee.

Going for first come first serve will allow you to provide parking facilities to the people who are coming first. Managing this system is very easy and simple. But this can cause big issues if the key employers of the company are not getting parking lots.

One way to overcome this issue is to use designated spaces for different staff members. You can easily provide some fixed space to some particular senior employees in advance. But it can create empty spaces if the employers are not coming. For solving this issue, you have to check who is on leave in advance only.

For solving this issue, going for demand-based parking will be a great idea. With demand-based parking, WhatsApp and excel can be used for solving parking issues. This will not only provide you with a good parking solution, but it will save a lot of time for the company also.

2. Congestion Problem

Every employee wants to park their car in the nearest vehicle park only. This can cause huge chaos in peak times. All these things can hamper office hours. One solution to this problem is to use modern car parking systems. This will help the employers to check which car parking lot space is available. With this, the employers can go to the specific car park directly.

3. Too Much Space

Sometimes, if you are having too much space for parking, then it will save the car parking issues. But the drawback of this problem is that it will add the unwanted rent amount. The company is required to pay the rent amount for the spaces that are not used at all.

For overcoming this problem, you can go for different smart staff parking systems. With a smart car parking solution, you can easily save 10-20 % of the money you are spending on empty car spaces.

4. Hire A Rental Car Service Provider

You can promote rental car service in your company. Different car rental service providers are available in the market. Your company can easily tie up with them to provide good car service. The rental car service will manage all the transportation of your workers and you can easily save expenses on car parking rent.

5. Rent Extra Parking Space

If your car parking lot is completely full and you are having more employees who want a staff car park facility, one way of solving this issue is to rent extra space for parking space. You can check for the extra space that you want for your employees and based on that, you can rent space.

Companies can contact the nearby local car parking area and ask them whether the place is available for parking or not. Along with this, different real estate companies are present that are willing to provide cheap car storage Perth for rent. You can contact them also for rent.

6. Encourage Other Travel Ways

You can encourage the employees of the company to go for other transport ways also. You should encourage them for using local transport as well as going for carpooling service.

If you are using local transport, it will not only save you money, but it will help in reducing the traffic in the city and reducing fuel consumption also. But, if you don’t want to go for the local transport facility, carpooling is also a great option. With carpooling services, you can make the best use of fuel and you will also save huge money.

It will also reduce the traffic on the road. Along with all this, carbon emissions will also reduce a lot.

7. Use Smart Car Parking Management Software

Nowadays, different intelligent software is available in the market that will help you in creating a smart parking lot for your company. You can use this software for managing parking issues.

This is one of the best solutions for car parking solution and it is budget friendly also for the companies.

These were some of the most common issues faced along with their solution. So, if you want to create sound car parking facilities, you can easily follow the above solutions given for different car parking problems.

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