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Prashar Lake Trek: Explore a Best Trek


With captivating scenery and a charming trail, the Prashar Lake Trek is a well-maintained Himalayan treasure. while being nestled away in the bowl-shaped valley of the Dhauladhar range.

Because it is a short walk, it is the perfect fit for your long weekend plans and wanderlust fix. The stunning twilight views next to the lake will give your excursion much more meaning.

However, your breakfast the next day would be up for grabs. With its pristine magnificence all around and the first sun rays illuminating it, sunrise in the Himalayas is magical. And it’s amazing to consider that you could complete everything in a long weekend.


About Prashar Lake Trek

The majority of people visiting the Himachal Pradesh region are generally unaware of this secret gem, which is tucked away in the Mandi district. Additionally, the Prashar Lake trek walk makes you the ideal escape because you can complete it any time of year. This journey is made more special by a bonus. This is the location to visit if you’re looking for privacy, tranquility, and breathtaking views away from the rush and bustle of your everyday life.

Why should you take Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar lake, which is the summit of the trip and is encircled by the Dhauladhar mountain in Kullu Valley, is a stunning sight with its cobalt blue water. Prashar Lake also includes a tiny, circular island that floats on the water’s surface. Locals will also be quick to point out that there is no discernible pattern to the migration; it could stay in one spot for weeks on end or shift many times in a single month.

The fact that you can select your beginning place is one of the best features of this adventure. Although Baggi village in Himachal Pradesh is the usual starting place, you can continue further forward and hike less. Additionally, depending on your prior wilderness expertise, you may be able to complete this trek without a guide, though it is strongly advised that beginners bring an experienced companion.

About the History of the Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Rishi, who meditated here in the past, holds the lake in high regard. In the 13th century, Raja Bank Sen of Mandi erected the temple in praise of the Rishi and named the lake after him in a stunning display of Himachali architecture.


About the Mythological Connections of Prashar lake

Local lore, however, also claims that Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, constructed the lake when they were returning from Kurukshetra following the events of Mahabharatha.

The Pandava brothers were Lord Kamrunag’s traveling companions. Kamrunag decided to reside there permanently after becoming enamored with the valley and its setting. As a result, the Bhima struck one of the mountains with his elbow to create the lake. Locals also mention that no one is sure of the lake’s depth, and numerous researchers and divers have tried to identify the bottom point with conflicting results.

About the Prashar Lake Trek Weather,

Since you can complete this walk all year long, the weather in Prashar Lake will be similar to the weather in the Mandi region. Prashar Lake is known for having variable weather, ranging from snow-laden winter months to rains and bright sunshine-filled days.

The maximum average temperature in Prashar Lake throughout the year is around 21 C, and the lowest is about -8 C. Even in the summer, it is crucial to be prepared for unpredictably cold weather. The secret to any successful hike in the Himalayas is carrying layers of clothing.

The Prashar Lake Snow Trek is something you may enjoy during the winter.

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