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Phulara Ridge Trek – Trekking Gem in Uttarakhand

A slope is then defined as the study area of two slopes. As a result, walking up the mountain is almost like walking on the edge of a knife, where only the side of the mountain falls on each side. Few Himalayan treks have short mountain sections. However, spending an entire day hiking in the mountains is second to none. If you have climbed to the top of Phulara Ridge trek, you will know that you spend about 20–30 minutes at the highest point.

This is where you can see the beautiful surrounding mountains. On this trip, however, you will reach an altitude of 12,000 feet in a day’s travel (4-5). 

A 250-degree view of snow-covered mountains follows you everywhere! As you walk along the slopes that run through the landscape, you almost feel as if the mountains are walking beside you. Beneath you, the land falls on two sides, one in grassland and the other in a valley. This is what makes Pulara Ridge so special. 


DAY 1  

Climbing Kotgaon (6,397 feet)

Driving time: 9–10 hours Indian tourists can be picked up at the Grand Legacy Hotel Lalpul in Dehradun or the Library Chowk in Mussorie.

Transportation will be provided starting at 6:30 a.m. It costs Rs 6,500 per car (for a 5- to 6-seater SUV) and Rs 10,000 per car (for an 11- to 12-seater SUV), which passengers split and pay directly to the driver. 

DAY 2 

The journey from Kotgaon to Sikolta

Distance: 4.85 km; walking time: 4-5 hours; elevation: 6,520 feet to 8,925 feet

A gentle ascent along well-marked trails and beautiful pine trees The sunlight coming through the canopy is beautiful, and you can hear birds chirping in these forests.

DAY 3 

From Sikolta walk to Bhoj Gadi. Distance: 4.45 km; walking time: 4-5 hours; elevation: 8,925 feet to 11,170 feet 

Another day of high-altitude driving through pine, deodar, and dwarf rhododendron forests and into the lush greenery of Bhoj Gadi. Watch out for the sunset to see the beautiful mountains.

DAY 4  

Hike over the Phulara hills from Bhoj Gadi to Pushtara.

Course length: 8.4 km; walking time: 6-7 hours; elevation change: 11,170 feet from 9,860 feet to 12,345 feet. The most exciting day is a 2- to 3-hour walk on the mountainside. 

It’s like carrying a 250-degree mountain with you when you go hiking in the mountains. From the mountains, you will descend to the meadows of Pushtara.

DAY 5  

The journey from Pushtara to Taluka The road to Kotgaon

Distance: 8.1 kilometres | Walking time: 6-7 hours | Driving time: 1.5-2 hours | Elevation: 9,860 feet to 6,520 feet

Compared to your first day, descend into the mixed forest. Walking is lonely and can be difficult at times. So be cautious when crossing the street. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t get lost on the road.

DAY 6 

190 km bus ride from Kotgaon to Dehradun | 9-10 a.m.

Drop-off Location: Grand Legacy Hotel, Dehradun

Passengers will share the cost of these trips and pay the driver directly. This costs Rs 6,500 per car (for a 5- to 6-seat SUV) and Rs 10,000 per car (for an 11- to 12-seat Tempo Traveler driver), divided between the passengers who pay directly to the driver.

Please keep in mind that the distance between the camps can vary by 100 metres depending on the weather and the route you choose. For one reason, its height can change by 100 feet.

Level of difficulty

The Phulara Ridge trek is classified as a Level 3 trek. This shows that the tour is suitable for a fit novice. The journey takes four days, with each day lasting about five hours on the first two days and longer on the next two. The topography of the mountain makes it cooler than the surrounding area. As a result, at elevations of up to 12,500 feet, Pulara Ridge is one of the few treks with snow even in the spring. Microspikes will be provided to help you navigate these areas safely. That said, this is still a Himalayan trek with challenging terrain, temperature, and weather. 

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to trek, Phulara Ridge, Is during the summer, between May and June. The gradual transition from the snow to the grass is fascinating. This, together with the growing rhododendron, the opportunity to see the unique shine of the Alps, and the lush vegetation of Pushtara, make this the best time to stop walking. The Phulara Ridge trek is also enjoyable during the monsoon and fall seasons, from September to November. In September, the road is green because of the rain. As fall approaches, the colour of the area changes to purple and orange. This time of year also offers the best views of the mountains.

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