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Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu: Colour, Design Tips & More

Today, the kitchen is the heart of a contemporary family’s life. In their modern kitchens, families cook, converse, and socialise.

According to vastu for home, the Agni Devta rules the southeast corner of your house, which is the best place for your kitchen. As a result, according to kitchen direction as per vastu, this is the best location for a kitchen.

Vastu’s Relevance In A Kitchen

Several vastu consultants claim that the architecture of a home may affect the movement of energy in the surrounding environment. Everything affects energy flow; therefore, following Vastu principles guarantees positivity and eliminates negative energies.

Every house needs a kitchen. The kitchen gives us energy. Unbalanced energy may come from improper kitchen design, which may impact the house’s occupants. As a result, it’s critical to choose kitchen direction as per vastu to choose the kitchen’s proper orientation.

Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, the elements of earth, heaven, air, fire, and water must all be in harmony to create a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen. To boost your home’s good energy, you may need to make changes or modifications to particular kitchen parts.

Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu: Here Are Things To Keep In Mind

1. The God of Fire, the Agni, is supposed to preside over a dwelling in the southeast. The kitchen should be on the house’s southeast or south corner. As a last option, you may try heading in the west direction, provided you have proper remedial treatments done for the kitchen.

2. The colour schemes for a south east kitchen should never be blue, black or grey. Using these colours disturb the positive attributes of a south east kitchen. The dustbin must always be a covered one, with a lid, and preferably of stainless steel.

3. Always maintain a good balance between fire and water. Your health and financial well-being will improve due to your daily water consumption.

4. Place of dustbin should be towards East of South East direction of the home.

Having kitchen in south east direction will help you conquer life’s challenges.

The Colour of Your Kitchen

The Vastu colours for the kitchen are next on the list. Vastu recommends orange, white, yellow, green, pink, and chocolate brown kitchens. Green, yellow, orange, or any mix of these colours, may predominate on the kitchen platforms. The suggested hue for the kitchen might change depending on the orientation of the kitchen according to Vastu standards.

Kitchen Doors and Windows

As per kitchen direction as per vastu, East, north, or west are all excellent options for having doors and windows. The kitchen must receive ample of sunlight, daylight & ventilation. It’s okay to leave the kitchen door open. All doors must open clockwise if there are any. These are a few kitchen Vastu ideas based on design considerations.

Place at least two windows in the kitchen to provide adequate ventilation. It’s ideal if the kitchen’s window faces north, east, or northeast. The early morning sun’s rays will reach the kitchen via an east-facing window, bringing health and wealth to the household. Place the exhaust fan in a window to also allow the bad energy to escape.

Cleanliness and clutter-free kitchens are the norms. In addition to making cooking more accessible, it has a calming effect on the mind. The kitchen should exude a sense of warmth and comfort. Make sure your kitchen has a lot of storage space while designing it. As a sign of plenty, fruit baskets should always be full and pristine.

Keep a tulsi, pudina, bamboo, or other herbal plants in the kitchen window to boost the room’s cheerfulness. Keep the kitchen sink smelling fresh at all times.

Is An Open Kitchen A Good Idea From A Vastu Perspective?

The open kitchen idea is becoming more common in today’s houses. It may, however, result in a flow of negative energy and tensions inside the house, according to Vastu Shastra. You may eliminate the negative energy in an open kitchen by using best kitchen direction as per vastu.

This involves hanging a copper swastik in the south-east direction of the house, inside the kitchen. Avoid having any mirrors in or near the kitchen. Use plants, sceneries or paintings of flowers, auspicious symbols like swastiks etc. in the kitchen to keep the energy flowing smoothly.

Tips For Remodelling and Decorating Your Kitchen

  • Avoid an all-white kitchen since it may make the room seem drab and chilly. As a rule of thumb, kitchens should be friendly
  • Avoid using too many dark-coloured cabinets in the room, making it seem claustrophobic and
  • For best results, place the kitchen loft on the west or south wall rather than the east or north
  • Vastu advice keeping a water-filled pot in the kitchen to avoid financial difficulties. Keeping a big clay pot is preferable, but a little one can do just nicely. The north or northeast corner of your house is the best place to keep it
  • To get a timeless look, avoid using decorative decals
  • If you have a small kitchen, avoid using dark colours
  • Having low ceilings and high cabinets in the same room is not a good combination
  • Place the windows toward the east or north to get the most out of the available light
  • The kitchen’s floor should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate, or red
  • Putting the gas burner right in front of the kitchen’s main entrance is terrible

The kitchen, the home’s beating heart, is a magnet for positive energy and a conduit to flow freely throughout the rest of the house. If this is a significant worry for you, you should speak with Vastu specialists at Vaastu Devayah Namah. To discover more about kitchen directions as per Vastu, visit their website.

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