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Keeping Your Dog In TipTop Shape

Unlike felines who lay around, whine, eat, and sleep all day, dogs must do the exact opposite. You may notice for some dog owners that dogs are hyper and always active, ready to run when they’re told to do so. This is because the dog is consistently active and is regularly exposed to the elements. Dogs need to experience this because they need exercise to stay fit and healthy. There are several fun things that both you and your dog can do together; it would be discussed later in the article.

Aside from being active and going outside, it is best to keep in touch with your dog’s personal vet. There are several top veterinarians in Sacramento, and if you live around the area, you should contact them to ensure your dog is as healthy as it needs to be. This is to ensure your dog is fine before and after you do your fun activities together.

Things to Do With Your Dog

Your dog must stay healthy and active with the use of frequent exercises. These exercises would range from taking walks to playing together; anything goes as long as both of you are staying active.

  • Going for A Walk or Jog – This type of exercise is excellent as it allows both of you to be on your feet and go wherever you may please, as long as it will enable you to reach your goal. For first-timers, it would be ideal to keep your walks within 20 minutes not to tire out your dog too much. Then, when you think the time’s right. You could gradually increase how long you want your walk or jogs to be.
  • Let Them Take The Lead – You could allow your pet to take you wherever it pleases. This will enable them to be motivated to take longer walk sessions and take more time in their exercise. 
  • Playing Fetch – Playing fetch with your dog is one of the classic ways to keep them active in the day. Both of you would experience some fun. And your dog would get the exercise it needs to go through the day.
  • Go to The Park With Them – Parks are perfect in terms of having a lot of space for everybody to enjoy doing what they love the most. Also, it’s usually calm, and there would be people there to make it more welcoming. A perfect place for you and your dog to spend quality time together.
  • Taking Them Swimming – Swimming is a fun thing to do, especially for some dogs. Try introducing your dogs to beaches or pools that allow dogs to swim. It is an excellent activity since many dogs enjoy taking a dip in the water and taking a quick swim. However, there might be some dogs who don’t enjoy this activity.

You could do all of these things if you wanted your dog to be physically active. However, you shouldn’t forget about their mental health too. Give them the love and attention they need to go through the day knowing their owner loves them. Having your canine standing on its four feet and running around as it pleases is essential. 


You shouldn’t forget about your dog’s feelings and pay attention to its reactions whenever it just stays inside your house. You should remember to take it outside whenever you can get it to feel the fresh air outside. Dogs need to remain active because they need it to stay healthy. Just like people, they need exercise to reduce the risk of getting ill or having health concerns like arthritis or hip dysplasia. Following the activities mentioned before could help you and your dog avoid these types of body dysfunctions to help you get through your life easily.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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