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How to Plan and Decide On Access Control Solutions for Buildings

Modern building architecture and design are not only manifested in the way they look from the outside. But rather, it is also observable in the way technology is integrated into the different areas and parts of the building. Most of the modern buildings today make great use of space when it comes to incorporating tech. And safety features, such as building access control systems. This poses a challenge not only for those who plan to build and erect new infrastructure. But also to those owners and operators of existing buildings and establishments. Basically, they also have to consider this type of design language in their current plans. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can effectively plan on upgrading. And installing access control systems in your building. 


The first and perhaps most obvious factor to consider when it comes to planning. Or deciding to upgrade or install an access control system for your building is cost. These types of investments will always have to be budgeted because they often involve considerably huge amounts of financial resources. Regarding cost, it is important to understand that there are plenty of options in the market right now. And that these options vary drastically in terms of pricing. However, there will always be a range of pricing. Generally speaking, the cost for access control systems on a per-door basis is around 500$ to upwards of 2000$. Of course, there will be tiers and levels with these products. And so along with the price you also have to consider what type of tier you’ll be choosing to get.


As previously discussed, access control systems are typically offered in tiers or levels. Depending on which one you get. You can have more features that offer better convenience or improved security. The typical features you get with an access control system include remote door unlock. Employee-client communication, electronic locking, encryption. And audio/visual recording, among other things. The more advanced product tiers will offer virtually all of these features. As you go down the range, you get fewer features and have to settle on some compromises. Like, as build quality, clarity of video/audio, encryption specifications, etc.

Maintenance and Servicing

Access control systems also have to be assessed based on ease of maintenance and overall serviceability. This is precise because this type of equipment is meant to be used over a long period of time. Additionally, they are meant to operate constantly. Which means you expect them to be up and running 24/7. If the equipment you’ll be getting breaks down frequently. Then it could massively disrupt your operations and it could lead you to lose out on profits. By looking at ease of maintenance and serviceability. You can already tell if you can maximize the use of such equipment. As a rough guide, access control systems should be repairable by general mechanics. And they should not require very complex procedures or specialized tools. Additionally, this equipment should last for at least 5-10 years to make the investment worthwhile.


The final thing to consider when planning or deciding on an access control system is the brand or the company from where you’ll be buying such a system. Most of the time, the brand name itself is already a good indicator as to the quality and effectiveness of the system that you’re going to get. In line with this concern, be sure to prefer those brands that are already well-established and reputable. Ask for reports regarding the uptime and downtime periods for these companies so you to see how frequently their systems break down and how quickly they can get them back up and running. By employing this strategy, you give yourself a better chance of working with a company that is responsible and willing to help.

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