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A Brief Guide to Find the Right Safe

So, you are in the market for a safe, and you start to look around and feel a little overwhelmed with all your choices and options.

If you are buying a safe for your new house, you ought to know how to choose the right safe for you.

Read on to learn more!

Establish the Purpose of Buying a Safe

One of the most important considerations you have when buying a safe is what you are going to put in it. In other words, you will have to determine the value of that content. The thing about safe buying is that the prices can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

So, considering the purpose is the most important thing. Suppose you aren’t planning on placing loads of valuables in your safe – in this case, you are looking to have a safe to keep your kids or the house cleaner out as you want to keep honest people.

In this case, a little home safe can be perfect for you. A little safe, such as the liberty safe, is not a very expensive safe. A little safe might not even have a fire rating – but – if you have some family heirlooms, cosmetics, jewelry, or something like that you want to protect – a small safe can be decent enough to accommodate and safeguard your items.

Fire Safe for Fire Protection

If you have valuables you want to keep safe from fire, you might want to level up and get yourself a little home safe. Again – a home safe isn’t a high-end security safe, but it might come with a two-hour fire rating.

At this point, you are looking to protect important paperwork and are worried about a potential home fire. So, at this point, your best option would be to invest in a little home safe.

Increase Security with Burglary Rated Safe

Now the question is, what if you want to protect valuables or jewelry – once you start to place your valuables in the safe, such as ten thousand dollars, at this point, you might want to opt for a burglary-rated safe.

With burglary-rated safes, you get things like thicker doors, glass relockers, anti-drill plates, thicker bolts, and so on. You get the point – everything is about increased security at this level.

Understandably, burglary-rated safes come in a variety of sizes – you can get them as small as the regular small safe, but you can get them as big as the size of a refrigerator. So, as the value goes up and the more content you put in, the bigger the safe you want.

What is the Ideal Place for Your Safe?

It all comes down to the size of your safe. The ideal space for a safe would be behind the door. When it comes to the smaller safe, you will want to keep it protected from prying eyes – even your kids or the house helper.

So, the ideal place for the safe could be underneath the bathroom sink. Or, you could hide the safe in one of your laundry cabinets.

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