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How To Get Health Insurance For Malta Schengen Visa Online – Tips You Must Know

Despite being the fourth smallest country in the Schengen zone, Malta attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. These tourists throng the tiny nation to enjoy a stay on its warm coasts and explore megalithic temples and fortresses, and underground complexes of halls and burial chambers.

But to explore all these fascinating sites, you need to apply for a Malta Schengen visa. And to ace the Malta Schengen visa process, you need to attach travel insurance for Schengen visa applications. 

What Is Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Applications? 

Travel insurance for Schengen visa applications is a document that ensures visa officers at the embassy or consulate of Malta that the applicant has got himself/herself financially covered and that he or she will not become a financial liability on Malta’s welfare system. 

It is pertinent here to mention that your travel insurance for Schengen visa applications should meet certain requirements. Else, officials will reject your Malta Schengen visa application. 

What Are Certain Requirements For Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Applications?

The travel insurance for Schengen visa applications that you attach should provide financial coverage equal to more than 30,000 euros. In dollar terms, the coverage should be equal to 50,000 greenbacks.

Also, your travel insurance should provide coverage for emergency evacuation in case the applicant sustains a serious injury and repatriation in case the applicant dies during the course of his/her trip to Malta or the Schengen area. 

Likewise, travel health insurance should be valid in the whole Schengen area and not only in the country that you intend to visit. Also, once you have paid for the travel health insurance, ask the agent or company representative to issue you a certificate that you can attach to your Malta Schengen visa application as part of supporting documents.

How Can You Buy Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Application Purposes? 

There are two ways to buy travel insurance for Schengen visa application purposes:

  • Get in your vehicle and go to a nearby travel agent. Pay him as much as he demands and get the Schengen visa travel insurance.
  • Go to popular search engines and type travel insurance for Schengen visa application purposes. Explore different websites and compare prices. If travelling in a group, ask for discounts, and get your insurance at a reasonable price. Also, you can verify the online company by going through third-party websites such as Trustpilot or Google’s review section to find out about the quality of service they are offering. 

It is pertinent here to mention that travel insurance for visa is a mandatory supporting document. It does not guarantee approval of your Schengen visa application but it can increase the chances of the same manifold.

When a visa officer has this peace of mind that the itinerant has got themselves financially covered and that the itinerant will not become a liability on the healthcare system of the host nation, he will surely approve your visa (provided that you meet all other requirements and have submitted the documents).

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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