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Feel The Buzz At the World’s Best Shisha Places

Your living room couch is undeniably one of the most comfortable places to enjoy the Shisha service. But, there are days when you want to simply soak in the ambiance and puff in your favorite flavor. 

If given a chance, you would definitely want to enjoy Shisha in Dubai at Shisha Art; however, there are places outside Dubai, around the world, that you would like to explore for an exotic Shisha session.

Well, we have made your task convenient and enlisted a few places where you can enjoy shisha to your heart’s delight:


The chilly winters sound appealing and cozy; however, are you cool with the cool in Antarctica? Antarctica experiences temperatures as low as -22 degrees F but if you want to enjoy this weather with a twist, then visit Social Smoke Absolute Zero for a fantastic glass Shisha session. 

Relish your favorite flavor in the chilly Antarctica weather and blow smoke rings for the ultimate vibe.


Need to warm up after a trip to the Antarctic? Then proceed to Australia, where the beach is soft, and the smoke is even more delicate. Nammor Bondi Shisha’s establishment on Bondi Beach is a must-visit, and you’d certainly not want to give a miss to some fruity flavors of Aussie Juice Shisha. 

And hey, if you photograph a kangaroo on the seashore, we’ll crown you Shisha royalty (extra points if there’s a Shisha in the picture too)!

Is smoking Shisha allowed at Bondi Beach?

That’s for us to know and for you to find out on your trip to the beach!

New Zealand

Weary of city living? Then travel to New Zealand, a destination where you’re able to realize your childhood fantasies. The Redwoods Treehouse is suspended among the trees and may accommodate up to fifty guests. 

This sounds like the perfect location for a Shisha party! Particularly if you own a Regal Red Queen Redwood Shisha and a bowl packed with Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell’s woody, earthy flavor.


Paris is recognized for much more than simply as the city of love. It is saturated with coffee, fashion, cigarettes, croissants, and what not! If you are keen on exploring these places, here’s where to begin!

Get started on your shisha journey with Mya Quadrus Shisha and a cup of Al Fakher Cafe Latte. Live life to the hilt, as you lounge by the Seine amid the coveted fashion week, dressed in fashionable accessories and sipping espresso flavored Shisha.

New York

You need not fly to the Middle East to get true Shisha; you can get your fill in New York! People from many walks of life share their habits and culture with tourists in New York, a melting pot of cultures throughout the year. 

There are several notable Shisha cafes in New York, but many assessments suggest La Sultana cafe on 4th Street, which has been called one of New York’s “best-kept secrets.” With its dim lighting and laid-back ambiance, you’ll feel quite at home smoking a fruity cigarette.


Morocco is an excellent destination to immerse oneself in traditional Shisha smoking, as it is the cultural home of Shisha and even otherwise is a lovely country to find yourself in. If you’re seeking a place to smoke Shisha, you won’t have to hunt long to find one because they are ubiquitous. 

If you like a more authentic “homemade” experience, you can easily set up shop at your location (regulation allowed) and enjoy Shisha in its ancestral home.


All accounts of the origins of Shisha point to Turkey; hence, all Shisha expeditions lead there. Moreover, Shisha cafes are integral to daily life in Turkey, so you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable location. 

More often than not, the locals are closely familiar with Shisha, so you may learn something about your favorite pastime; who knows, you might still discover a new technique to smoke Shisha!


The Green Room is an exclusive pub with a young and trendy clientele. It plays soothing music that complements the dim green lights and warm atmosphere. It resembles a cavern where residents can enjoy Shisha while wandering in their extensive beverage options. 

The DJ performs between Wednesday and Sunday. Monday is the Happy Hour night, with the menu featuring a combination of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes.


La Comedia is significantly beyond a Shisha lounge. Instead, it is a pub where many people dance and enjoy delicious drinks. A DJ plays hip-hop, reggae, and even old-school sounds. 

This Shisha lounge is situated below and serves mainly as a resting spot for party-goers who like to take a break and enjoy sweet-flavored smoke.

Los Angeles

The Ali Mama Café is well-known for its Shisha and coffee. It offers robust Turkish coffee. Additionally, there is an outside space where clients can enjoy the fresh air.

It is a straightforward Shisha lounge, as its outside is not particularly ornate. Instead, it has a plain white storefront. Most of the patrons are middle-aged Arab men; however, the younger population takes over at night. 

The televisions located throughout the restaurant broadcast Middle Eastern music. Partygoers make it their final stop before leaving for home, keeping it busy into the small hours of the morning.


Even Italy has yielded to the enjoyment of Shisha. Sciam is located near Campo di Fiori, in the heart of a bustling district. Its interior is a beautiful blend of Persian, Roman, and Turkish designs. 

As delicious smoke permeates the air, the atmosphere turns highly sensual and soothing. With Syrian music playing in the background, guests feel they have traveled back in time. 

In addition to the Shisha, tourists are entertained late at night by belly dancers performing a show.

Take Away

Apart from these, Egypt is yet another exotic location where you can come across exciting Shisha cafes, lounges, and bars based on its rich Shisha heritage. 

Of course, you cannot miss out on Dubai when talking about Shisha. Shisha UAE has one of the most exotic, luxurious, and authentic places to smoke. However, it is essential to differentiate between high-quality and poor-quality Shisha places in the UAE.  A few of these places facilitate Shisha home delivery services if you want to enjoy Shisha within the comforts of your hotel. These Shisha service providers offer a variety of Shisha equipment and flavors along with high-quality coal and trained sommeliers. 

Regardless of your destination, ensure that you select a place with good quality Shisha and the fun and exciting ambiance you wish to enjoy.

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