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What Is The Syllabus Of Cambridge IGCSE?

IGCSE refers to the International General Certificate of Education, which provides students with the highest quality education. If you want to offer a great education to your children, you can consider sending them to an IGCSE school.

It is ideal for young children between 14 and 16 years, so ensure that your kids are between the age range. Remember, these schools can help children to get high-salary jobs and learn various skills. 

Why do most parents choose Cambridge?

Cambridge is a globally recognized organization that offers the best education to students. The quality of education Cambridge offers makes parents consider it for their children. It is the most sought-after educational source among students, making the education system help students pursue their higher studies in leading worldwide universities.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum helps students get the most lucrative job opportunities. Cambridge is a trusted and reputed organization in the global education world.

Subjects taught in the IGCSE curriculum.

Most schools in Bangalore also follow the IGCSE syllabus. You can check the school website to learn when their session starts. Subjects offered by the education system include:


Accounting helps students to know the theoretical and practical concepts of bookkeeping. It helps them understand the usefulness of accounting in different modern-day situations and allows them to pursue a professional career.


The subject helps students know the basic concepts in diverse fields of biology, including living organisms and their processes, through a blend of theory and practice. They can also hone the skills necessary for their higher studies. Also, read about when does school start in Bangalore?


Students can understand the basic principles and different branches of chemistry. They can know the applications of chemistry in the real world.


The economics syllabus helps students understand its theoretical principles and terminologies used in the field. They can also know how global countries apply economics for their growth.

English Language

English is the first language of the IGCSE board. It helps students improve their communication and writing skills. They can also know the appropriate usage of the language in all aspects.

Global Perspectives

This innovative and motivating course helps students engage in different social activities for global community improvement. It provides them the skill to contact world-renowned organizations regarding diverse perspectives.

History World Affairs 

Students can know the past culture of different eras through this subject. They can hone their skills in various historical customs and cultures of the world through this subject.


Students can know the customs of the past Islamic community and its major components. They can get the skill to compare the earlier ones with the present ones with their improved knowledge.

Literature in English 

This part of the IGCSE board helps students to study, understand and examine different literary works in English, thus helping them know the influence of the language. The subject also helps students read, write, and speak the language fluently.


IGCSE offers Mathematics as a regular and optional subject to students. Compulsory Mathematics educates students on improving their arithmetic skills. On the other hand, the optional subject promotes students’ self-assurance, problem-solving capability, and efficiency. The Additional Mathematics helps student move to the advanced AS-Level and A-Level stages of Cambridge Mathematics.

Pak Studies 

This subject educates students on the past history, civilization, topography, environment, and growth of Pakistan. 


Students can learn the basic principles and applications of Physics in the daily life of humans with a blend of theoretical and practical sessions. They can also sharpen their existing skills to simplify their future studies.


This subject provides students with learning opportunities to know the procedures and structures to build strong social relationships. They can also understand how to develop human communities and adapt to many changes in their social life.


Students of the IGCSE board have the option to choose Urdu as their second language. It is ideal for those who want to sharpen their existing Urdu language further. The subject also helps students excel in their education and career with its broad topics. Learners can get an advanced understanding of the language on its usage, such as reading, speaking, and writing.

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