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Decorative Ways to Hang Bathroom Towels for Your Guests

Hanging bathroom towels with a touch of class gives the room a sense of luxury and calmness, which helps give your guests an enjoyable stay. To achieve the best result, start by getting beautiful bathroom towel sets wholesale for a great aesthetic. Here are a few creative ideas you can use to hang bathroom towels:

Use a Bathroom Towel Bar

Towel bars are straight rods fastened to the wall. There are single and double towel bars if you need to hang more than one towel.

If you have a towel rod, there are several ways you can fold your towels:

Simple Fold: Place the towel with its decorative side facing downwards and remove all wrinkles and creases. Then fold it in thirds lengthwise to form a long skinny rectangle. Drape the folded towel over the towel bar with about two-thirds of the towel hanging on the front side of the bar. You can add a touch by placing a hand towel on top of the bath towel.

Pocket Fold: Spread the towel on a flat surface and fold the short-left edge a quarter of the way towards the middle. Flip the towel over without ruining the fold and fold it into thirds lengthwise so that two layers overlap. Then fold the two flaps together to secure the pocket. You can now hang the towel on the bar and place a washcloth inside the pocket for a classy finish.

Bandana Tie: Place the towel on a flat surface, remove any creases and wrinkles, fold it into thirds, and then hang it over the bar. Fold a small washcloth into a triangle by overlapping two opposite-side corners. Then tie the bandana around the front-facing flap of the hung towel. For added flare, you can place a flower or other decorative items into the pocket made by the bandana.

Use a Towel Ring

A wall-mounted towel ring is a classy yet space-saving option to hang bath towels for your guests. You can have two towel rings if your bathroom space permits it. Make sure the rings are placed so there is enough space between the towel and the wall or cabinet, depending on the size of towels you have.

Begin by laying the towel flat and eliminating any wrinkles or creases. Fold it into thirds vertically to produce a narrow rectangle shape. Then loop the towel through the ring, with the decorative side facing forward and the seam facing downwards. The towel should be hung such that half of it is on the front side of the ring and the other half is on the rear side.

The curvature of the ring will create a small fold on the top of the towel, giving it an appealing look. Fold a washcloth in the same way you did the bath towel and loop it through the ring. Lay it on top of the wash towel to add a touch of class. The best way to maintain a constant supply of clean, plush towels is to get bathroom towel sets wholesale.

Use a Towel Hook or Hanger

Towel hooks and hangers take up the least space in your bathroom compared to other towel-hanging options. There are single and double towel hooks and daft hangers if you need to hang more than one towel.

To hang your towel and still make it look tidy and intentional, place it on a level surface with the decorative flanks upwards. Smooth the towel, squeeze the middle, and drape it over the hook or hanger. Straighten the towel by gently pushing down the ends to flatten it. This produces symmetrical folds as it hangs.

The design of towel hooks and hangers creates pretty folds on hung towels. As the towel dangles from the hook, it naturally forms several folds. Straightening these folds makes them symmetric and more appealing.

Get Your Bathroom Towel Sets Wholesale

Hanging bath towels decoratively for your guests is a simple way to make the bathroom look professionally supplied and pleasantly appealing. A stunning towel is the first step in creating a decorative arrangement. Get the best quality bathroom towel sets wholesale to give your guests a beautiful setup and an amazing stay at your venue.

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