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What Is SEO Link Building?

Link building involves acquiring authority links from other websites and is part of national SEO services. Search engines recognize links from other websites (backlinks) as important ranking metrics. A reputable website will naturally receive backlinks from other authority sites. It would help if you considered link building for your SEO strategy because backlinks are votes of confidence for your site. You can work with an SEO company to build quality links.

Link building is an SEO strategy that can help your site rank higher on search engines like Google. You need high-quality content that other people can link to. SEO experts also use link-building strategies to invite people to provide backlinks. The best way to boost authority through link-building is to earn links from authority sites. Backlinks from non-related sites won’t help your ranking. Seek backlinks from credible, high-quality websites.

When authority sites link to your pages, it shows Google that you are trustworthy and have quality content. Popular ways to acquire backlinks include guest blogging and social media promotion. National SEO services also use manual outreach to pursue competitors’ backlinks. Three primary links exist today: follow/no-follow, links from users, and natural links from blogs and websites.

SEO link building involves more than earning backlinks. You’ll need to create useful, high-quality content to which bloggers and other websites can link. People use links to pursue value for their readers. You’re more likely to get more backlinks if you have quality content for your link-building strategy. People can link to your pages or specific stats, claims, and statements. Links from leading websites within the same niche are more valuable.

Successful link building involves requesting, manually adding, or earning backlinks. You can request links through outreach tools, which can be time-consuming but still worthwhile. Manual link building involves placing the links on blog comments, guest posts, press releases, and other websites. Earning links is the best way to gain a competitive advantage through link building.

Here are some strategies for successful link building:

1.    Create Linkable Resources 

SEO link building starts with linkable assets, like articles, tables, PDFs, images, videos, audio, and other pieces of content. Work with experienced SEO companies to create original research content, and see these awesome link building services for others in your niche. Site visitors are 30 times more likely to read infographics than articles. Linkable resources are the gateway for getting more referral traffic.

2.    Go Live on Social Media

Posting content on social media is another link-building strategy you can leverage for your website. Armed with infographics, videos, and other linkable assets, you can instantly share your posts with thousands of people on social media. SEO companies can help you post news and updates about your brand and engage with the audience in your comments.

3.    Use Strategic Guest Posting

Guest posts offer an opportunity to partner with other leading sites in your niche. You can create quality content and integrate backlinks into your website. Include case studies and original data, focusing on creating unique guest posts that benefit the audience. Avoid post requests solely focused on backlinks. SEO companies can help you find reputable partners.

SEO experts can leverage broken link building, unlinked brand mentions, and competitor backlink replicating for SEO link building. Other techniques include reclaiming lost backlinks and adding URLs to all posts, business directories, and local citations. Your SEO strategist may also suggest forum/blog comments, public releases, product reviews, and testimonials.

Working with an expert can help you gain valuable backlinks that meet the following attributes:


Backlinks should come from sources/websites with relatable content and industry-specific information. Choose links you’d pursue even if the search engine’s ranking algorithm is out of the picture. Place the backlinks on anchor texts that provide context to the landing page.


Consider backlinks from reliable sites with years in the industry, active social media, and secure SSL web server certificates. Choose unbiased websites with high organic traffic.


SEO strategists can help you find the best locations for your backlinks. The goal is to get higher visibility by placing the links where readers are more likely to see them.

Authority Score

SEO companies can help you measure how impactful a website or domain link is. You’ll want to find websites with a higher authority score to connect with your backlinks. 

The best way to build links and improve website ranking is through national SEO services from top-rated companies. Working with SEO experts gives your business accountability, performance tracking, and proven techniques. Stick to SEO companies that can provide transparent results, use ethical practices, keep you informed, and meet your objectives.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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