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Advanced Practices for Smart Offices

The following are the advanced practices of large and medium-sized companies in the field of realizing intelligent office.

1. Meeting reservation system

The conference reservation system is not only a variety of reservation methods, such as: mobile phone reservation, email reservation, front desk reservation, conference room door reservation screen reservation, etc.

More is the full optimization of the booking process:

a. Access control is set at the door of the conference room, and non-participants have no authority to open the door;

b. Can be cancelled in advance and automatically renewed;

c. When there is a meeting room reservation conflict, notify both parties in advance to negotiate;

d. By linking the AV system of the conference room, the nature of the conference can be set in advance, and the system will automatically adjust the equipment to be used and be ready before the conference starts.

At present, some large companies already have their own exclusive conference reservation methods and reservation systems. Such as: Google uses Gmail plus offline touch screen; PricewaterhouseCoopers uses independently developed mobile phone mailbox reservation system, etc.

The conference reservation system of each company is set based on the company’s actual business situation. This is a subversion of the traditional conference reservation system. When setting and developing the reservation system, executives can refer to the problems listed in the figure below. and suggested solutions.

2. Visitor management system

The visitor management system will be specific for different customer categories, reducing the workload of the administrative front desk. By using QR codes and turnstile gates in the visitor management system, it can be more convenient and secure.

a. New customers, automatic registration;

b. Old customers, automatically identify and notify the corresponding account manager;

c. VIP customers, automatically memorize customer data, such as favorite temperature, brightness of lights, etc.;

d. Customer appointment registration shall be completed by the account manager;

e. Link the meeting reservation system to prompt the location of the relevant meeting room.

3. Information release system

a. Release real-time information of enterprise information;

b. Set the authority of a controllable single information release screen for employees, so that employees can introduce corporate information and other related content to customers through the information release screen;

c. Link BA system to release indoor ambient air quality;

d. Link the conference reservation system to publish conference room reservation information.

4. Intelligent lighting control system

Almost every executive is in urgent need of a matching smart solution to save electricity for light control, instead of relying on the slogan “turn off the lights” passively. very interested.

The large office lamps use time control + light sensor to detect the intensity of sunlight, make full and effective use of natural light, conform to the human body’s physiological clock, and control the lighting, dark or off.

The lamps in the large offices use up and down adjustable diffuse reflection lamps, which have the advantages of avoiding glare, personal adjustment of employees, and energy saving. The conference room, telephone room and other areas use infrared + motion sensor, which is turned on when someone uses it. The aisles are time-controlled, and low illumination is used during overtime hours. Spaces such as pantries and lounges use motion detection + delay closing.

5. Building equipment automatic control system

Detect indoor air quality (such as carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity, VOC, PM2.5, etc.), control and monitor air filtration equipment, fresh air devices, fans and other equipment, and release relevant information in conjunction with the information release system.

Through the outdoor air quality detector, the air quality is judged, and the fresh air is selectively extracted to ensure the indoor air quality. And provide comfortable diffused natural light.

Link personnel positioning and provide environmental data of the corresponding space to ensure that employees work in a comfortable environment.

6. Air purification systems and methods

In recent years, air quality in many countries has been worrying, especially in densely populated cities, smog has become a major killer of residents’ health.

Therefore, many companies design the air purification system as a top priority.

At first glance, the sense of technology is amazing, and the cost is also rising, but doing a good job in intelligent office does not require the administrator to follow the content mentioned one by one, and select the problems that the company needs to solve or the areas that need to be improved. , starting from a point, and gradually improving is a good strategy.

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