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BMW B58 vs. S55: Performance & Reliability

Every slot of cars BMW releases aims at rectifying some defects in previous models or upgrading their parts. BMW B58 is an upgrade from N54 and N55, with updated internals. BMW S55 is designed using the body of N54 but with updated internals. A BMW performance shop could help you upgrade your vehicle with almost any of these featured model parts. 

Differences Between BMW B58 and S55

The BMW B58 is the newer, more powerful version of the BMW 5-series slot car. It is a V8-powered vehicle with a 4.4L, 320HP engine under the hood. BMW S55 has a 4.4L V8 as well, but it’s integrated into the 6-speed automatic sport transmission (6MT). This car has excellent acceleration range and top speed.

BMW B58 and S55 are both pretty fast. We will discuss facts that differentiate the two cars to help you choose the next car engine that suits your lifestyle.

About BMW S55

After the great success of the N54, BMW had to come up with an engine with top-shelf properties. The release of S55 meant that the tuning community would enjoy improved performance in all aspects. Here are some specs of the S55:

Configuration: Straight-6

Displacement: 2,979 cc

Cylinder Bore: 84 mm

Piston Stroke: 89.6 mm

Stock Power: Between 405-493hp

Torque: 550-600 N

World Record HP: 1150whp

Compression: Between 10.2 to 1

Redline: 7,500 rpm

Turbocharger: Twin turbos

Block Design: Closed-deck

Internals: Forged aluminum alloy pistons, steel crankshaft, and rings.

Fuel Type: Gas

BMW S55 Performance and Reliability

Based on the specs of the S55, the engine is everything you want for your next ride. With a stroke power of up to 493hp, S55 beats all the odds regarding performance. The S55 horsepower model of 1,150hp is the best BMW engine ever to exist.

The S55 features aluminum cylinder heads, direct ignition, and a balance shaft to reduce vibration. Air goes through multipoint injection with a plenum chamber located directly at the intake valves and then passes through a hollow intake manifold to the individual cylinders.

A mixture of air and fuel is fed into each cylinder separately using an angled throttle body (2 in each bank). This gives the engine its distinctive “boxer jacket.” The intake valves are actuated by BMW’s Valvetronic variable valve timing, while ball bearings operate the exhaust valves.

The BMW S55 engine uses torque-converter automatic transmissions with multiple clutches and planetary gear sets. The S55 has been developed with the ability to cope with high revving, high-load driving duties. You can choose between manual or automatic transmissions (5/5/5 speed).

Of all BMW engines, S55 ranks 2 when it comes to reliability. But how does s55 compare to BMW B58?

About BMW B58

The all-new turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine was born to impress enthusiasts, whether they’re driving the standard model or the high-performance M2 or M3 variants. The best part is that B58 ranks first among all BMW engines. Here are some specs of the BMW B58:

Configuration: Straight-6

Displacement: 2,998 cc

Cylinder Bore: 82 mm

Piston Stroke: 94.6 mm

Stock Power: Between 330hp

Torque: 450-500 N

World Record HP: 655whp

Compression: Between 11.0 to 1

Redline: 7,000 rpm

Turbocharger: Single turbos

Block Design: Closed-deck aluminum

Internals: Cast piston. Forged crank and rods.

BMW B58 Performance and Reliability

The B58 was a departure from BMW’s M54 engines. B58 has almost all the specifications equal to those of S55, but S55 is more powerful based on its stoke power, torque output, horsepower, redline, and turbocharger.

B58 is a better engine compared to the previous BMW engines. BMW did not interfere with the reliability of the B58 as it is still the most reliable BMW engine.

BMW Performance Shop Engine Upgrade

BMW B58 and S55 are both powerful cars. They are both a step up from N54 and N55, but with upgraded internals. B58 ranks best in reliability, while S55 breaks the world record of the highest horsepower at 1150whp. This makes S55 the most potent BMW engine.

If you want to upgrade your car’s performance, visit a BMW performance shop. These shops offer the best upgrades and allow you to choose parts, engines, and software to fit your performance goals. Contact a specialist today to begin working on your dream car!

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