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All You Need to Know About the Best Drinks Trolley

With the festive season on its way, rearranging living rooms is the next big thing for every household in the vicinity. And what better way to do it than by introducing a new moveable bar cart into the mix? It is an all-time classic and simple way to store some of your favourite bottles. In addition, having a wooden or gold drinks trolley that matches your home décor is undoubtedly a fantastic way to draw a crowd while having guests over. However, these days just like every other thing, there are innumerable drink cart designs, making it ever more impossible to pick and choose. Hence, this article is dedicated to giving you all a closer look at the trendiest options that can spice up your living room.

1. The golden shine

Almost everyone has either read or seen classic movies like Great Gatsby, Emma, etc. What these stories have in common is their posh and high-shine household furniture, like bar carts. It was something that marked their aristocracy. Today, however, these gold drink trolleys are no longer just an object of desire but rather something that can be owned and flaunted. These famous carts come with a gold rim and fine glass slabs. Moreover, in most cases, they also come with bottle holders fixed under the handle.

2. The wooden classic

Since the middle ages, wooden bar carts have been the go-to option for royalties, aristocrats, and commoners. Their ability to bring in the rustic and warm feeling with a stylish walnut finish has made them a leading choice for living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, and others. These carts are usually equipped with a wooden frame and two wooden shelves, which go perfectly with hardwood floors. All you do is fill it with crystal bottles and glass, and you are good to go.

3. The glass bar

These days minimalist décor has become a trend in many households where people are choosing to keep things simple, especially in the case of living rooms and dining rooms. The reason behind doing so is to capture the room’s size without unnecessarily overcrowding it. This is where the glass bar cart comes in a black matte metal outline, two mirrored trays, and stylish brass-capped legs. In addition, the simple handle on either side makes it extremely easy to move and push without knocking things down.

4. The metal frame

Having an outdoor seating arrangement and celebrating the summer months soaking the sun’s warmth with drinks seems super cool. However, going to and fro every time the glass goes empty can damper the mood. But not to worry, there is an easy and pocket-friendly solution: the black-coated, metal-framed trolley. These waterproof bar carts are perfect for outdoor summertime usage. All you do is find a convenient corner, keep an ice bucket on the top shelf and some bottles and glasses on the bottom one, and it’s good to go. One of the best aspects about this type of trolley is it can also be flaunted as a lamp or book stand when not in use.

The antique brass design

It becomes essential to look on the budget side, especially when it comes to refurbishing homes. But when it comes to drinks trolleys, there is a hassle-free way to bag a high-end piece without the heavy price tag. Just go for the antique-style brass drinks trolley with modest dimensions that can fit in any nook and cranny of the room. This circular retro design with a handle rod is an elegant pair with statement chairs.


Nowadays, numerous barware products can complement any room décor and go with any furniture, especially the gold drinks trolley. Just follow the list mentioned above and consult with an expert before making the most of your space. If you want to buy quality barware products at the best price, Check out Wheel & Barrow.

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