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Saree Blouse For Plus Size Ladies

Indian fashion is slowly but steadily absorbing modern trends, cuts and patterns, and this kind of fusion fashion is consider the peak of elegance not only in India but abroad.It migrate from the west to our country. A big trend is that every category has an “oversized” section.Now you can find plus size kurtas, tunics, tops, salwar kameez and plus size blouses.

The essential concept of “plus size” is not revolutionary in Indian tailoring of garments traditionally adapted to individual body sizes.Indian ethnic wear are design to include a wealth of shapes and forms. It has been design and actually incorporates feminine curves in terms of design and pattern. However, the idea has been reshape as plus-size fashion to reach a wider audience and streamline off-the-shelf catalogs. There is none. In fact, it perfectly hugs the contours of a woman’s figure in a way that is as elegant as it is attractive.

Plus size blouses are not blouses that are one or two sizes larger than average. In fact, it perfectly hugs the contours of a woman’s figure in a way that is as elegant as it is attractive.

1.    Mahogany Maroon Silk Blouse

Pair this sumptuous maroon silk blouse with gold jacquard weave with a square neckline with back fastening for the perfect ensemble. Team this ultra-elegant blouse with a Zari saree and Kolhapuri sandals to complete the look.

2. Blue Sapphire Silk Blouse

Adorned with timeless hues and attractive jacquard details, this navy blue blouse is a bridal wardrobe must-have. The blouse has a crew neck, and the back is button up for style. Pair this fashionable blouse with a beautiful embroidered saree and an eye-catching neckpiece and you’re all set!

3. Peacock Green Silk Blouse

Show off your fashion sense with this sensual peacock green blouse.A versatile silk blouse that will elevate any outfit! Whether you’re at a cocktail party or a wedding reception, this blouse adds a lively element and is sure to make everyone gaga!

4. Gleamy Gold Silk Blouse

Celebrate your personality and personal style with this gold embellished blouse! This classic never gets old and is a great addition to your wardrobe. Pair this fashionable blouses with a gorgeous zari saree, peep-toe heels and a statement neckline and you’re ready to go!


It can be pair with the appropriate gold jewelry such as bangles, necklaces and earrings for a classic yet stylish look for weddings and festivals. Coordinate with colors and designs. It will give you a chic and organized look.

Whether you’re looking for simple designer blouses online or unusual designer blouses, Apella lets you find it all from one source. Apella have huge collections of the latest blouses made with pure silk and having a beautiful jacquard weaving.

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Uneeb Khan
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