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6 Tips In Installing Car Roof Racks Without Damaging The Car’s Paint

If you are a travel enthusiast and you love to travel from one place to another and especially if you are very fond of experiencing Road trips then you must be aware of roof racks.  so, in this case, you need to keep in mind that these are for cargo boxes and sport cargo careers and they have become very e popular Automotive exterior accessories for families who want to go for doing outdoor activities especially and summer or Winter holidays and also for those who are water and sports enthusiast, especially in the region of North America.  in case you are looking for a roof rack to carry your things and you are unsure which option is most suitable for you then, in this case, you are supposed to choose the one which suits your vehicle the most and this article will also give you a lot of information about installing the car roof racks without damaging the paint and exterior of your car so read this article till the end 

  1. Wash 

It is very important to clean and wash your car before you are going to apply a car roof rack for the first time because there are chances that your car might have Road salt or any other nasty substances over it.  always keep in mind that you are not supposed to use dishwashing soap the main reason behind this is that it was strip away all the wax from your car and it is some kind of everything which can cause marks on your paint also so also always use the soap which is specifically made for the cast and wash the vehicle

  1. Dry 

The second thing that you are supposed to do is to dry  the vehicle  in a  manner so that there is no dust and anything over the surface you can use hundred percent cotton fabric for doing this always keep in mind that don’t use anything is your over the vehicle

  1. Wax And Buff

 It is very obvious that applying wax to your car helps to protect it against the elements that are harmful to it and it really makes it Shine but always keep in mind to apply the wax from a good company. a good coat of wax can help you to make the paint last for a longer time

  1. Mount The Rack 

 you are supposed to Mount the roof rack over the car roughly because you are not installing it and you are supposed to make sure that it rests peacefully above the car and leaves a little space which is very important for adjusting it in the future when you are going to place it over the vehicle

  1. Fit Vinyl Strips 

In which type you can expect the magic to happen because you are supposed to adjust your roof rack directly in contact with your vehicle and you have already made sure that your car is very neat and clean but make sure that the birds do not rub on the paint of the vehicle because otherwise the paint would get damaged so play set in a very peaceful way. This is the point where you will realize how important it was to place wax on your roof because it will always ensure maximum protection of the vehicle.  fix it properly and check it thoroughly and you are ready to place your things over it

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