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6 Smart Ways You Can Sharpen Your Management Skills

Being a better manager will not only make you more valuable to your organization, it will make your daily work experience better. Quality communication, consistent decision-making skills, and a willingness to learn will reduce stress among your employees and boost the success of your group.

1. Develop Self-Awareness

There are times of the day when you’re going to be very focused. If you’re extremely alert in the morning, do your best to tackle projects that take all your focus early in the day. If you can, tackle these projects, or at least get them organized, from home. Once you’ve laid this groundwork, you’ll be able to get to the office and be emotionally intelligent as you connect with your team.

2. Get More Training

A mind open to learning is one that will stay flexible over time. Take a management course on something that has frustrated or flummoxed you. If you’re struggling with conflicting employees, a class on the best way to open up communication between your team members can reduce tension and let you and your team focus on the work.

3. Know (and Work On) Your Limitations

A person who’s very focused in the morning may need to move repetitive tasks to the afternoon. If you find yourself facing an afternoon slump but you can’t change your workload to accommodate, it’s time to track down the source.

Perhaps your afternoon slump is due to a caffeine crash. Coffee or soda with lunch may need to be swapped out for tea. Talk with a dietitian about what foods will help you maintain energy throughout the day. Consider adding a post-lunch walk or a lunchtime workout.

If you are willing to share such challenges with your team, they may be able to schedule their queries more effectively. They may also have some ideas to help!

4. Watch Your Words

Poor communication in the office or within your team can lead to serious problems. Members of your team may make costly mistakes because they didn’t understand your instructions or didn’t want to ask for clarification. Being direct may be uncomfortable for you, especially if you’re a new manager.

The inability to communicate can also give power to less appropriate forms of information. When people on your team know that something is up but they’re not getting the information they need or ask for, they’ll listen to the gossip. Don’t empower gossip.

5. Model Healthy Balance

If you work in the office for 8 hours and from home for 4 hours, you’re putting in a 12-hour day. Is this your goal? If yes, make sure it stays your goal and doesn’t become a requirement for the rest of your team. If not, work on methods of balancing your life and your job.

6. Check in Regularly

Regular conversations with your employees will likely give you personal information about them. Check in, as appropriate, with your people. Some may prefer to talk in your office; others may be happy to talk with you in a more open environment.

Knowing your employees well and coordinating with them regarding your workstyle and energy level will help them trust you. Loyalty is a huge commodity in today’s job market. Effective communication and the willingness to learn can help you be a more effective manager.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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