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4 Questions to Ask When Renting Commercial Transport Items

Our economy relies heavily on the transportation industry. We depend on a wide variety of commercial transport vehicles with storage tanks to move bulk materials in liquid, solid, and gas forms. These materials include everything from chemicals and petroleum, sand and cement, compressed natural gas, and even food-grade materials like milk, juice, and water.

Not every company, however, that requires such types of transport equipment chooses to own them outright. This is especially true if the need is only temporary. Even if the equipment is required for longer periods of time, the initial investment can be quite large, not to mention the cost of maintenance and repair. In addition, some companies may need to scale up and down the number, type, or size of vehicles and equipment they need, which makes locking in on any one transport option a near to impossible decision.

If your operation needs to rent or lease a commercial transport item, here are four good questions to ask a salesperson before you sign any agreement.

1- What Size Equipment Do I Need?

Depending on the project you’re involved in, your company may need to store or transport large amounts of chemicals or multiple types of liquids. Knowing the gallonage each tanker can safely transport is an important calculation. However, the size and capacity of the storage tanks you need might not be obvious. The sales team at the transport rental company should be able to provide you with this expert information along with a free rate quote.

2- What Brands of Equipment Do You Carry?

Transportation is a highly regulated industry, and for good reason. Safety is of the highest priority, and companies that rent and lease transport equipment need to ensure the equipment they provide meets all safety standards and regulations. Still, it never hurts to do a little research on the brand or brands of equipment they rent out. You should choose a company that provides equipment that is top-rated in the industry.

3- What Equipment and Options Do You Carry and Offer Readily?

In the transport industry, availability matters, so choosing a company that has a variety of trailer stock and multiple convenient locations with equipment pools that meet your needs is essential.

Many transport companies will carry general-purpose bulk liquid tankers, but if you need one with heat coils to carry your temperature-sensitive bulk liquids, will they have it on hand when you need it? What if you need a vacuum tank trailer or a pneumatic tank trailer? What if you need to transport multiple different bulk chemicals and need a compartmentalized tank trailer? Likewise, different materials require different types of liners for safe transport. It helps to choose a transport company that has a reputation for maintaining a good pool of equipment readily available when you need it.

4- How Long Can I Keep the Equipment?

Does your company need added equipment at its plant to meet a temporary need? Are you a fleet operator who needs to lease equipment for a peak season? Do you require a flexible short- or long-term contract? Be prepared to ask these questions when looking for a suitable supplier. Reliable transport companies should offer flexible rental or lease options.

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