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Why the underrated Aston Martin DB11 is forgotten by people?

Does DB11 suffer from the “middle child syndrome” of its Vantage and DBS brothers?

DBS or Vantage? Probably the most frequently asked question by a potential Aston Martin buyer. At first glance, the middle Aston Martin DB11 option is completely ignored. So is this a case of “middle child syndrome”, a psychological trick of the “decoy effect”, or a complete underestimation? Introduced in March 2016, DB11 succeeded DB9, which is no longer the simplest of tasks. But ask any car fanatic about Aston Martin’s current range and the DB11 is definitely at the bottom of that list. Clearly, the DB11 faces sibling rivalry with a smaller but savage Vantage and an incredibly well-designed DBS.

For general Aston buyers, the Vantage is the starting point and the DBS Superleggera is the next step. Although it looks better than the two, the DB11 is completely scrapped. Buyers want a wild, rude supercar or a well-rounded GT from Aston and let’s face it, Aston owners are super rich; therefore, DBS was chosen as the GT. All sources mentioned above are from Wapcar Automotive News.

This certainly seems like a case of DB11 encountering itself. A great car but a victim of the crest on the front. It hardly competes directly with the others, perhaps because of its age, but also lacks perfection in one area. The Continental GT Mulliner scores high in luxury, as does the 911 Turbo S in terms of performance. Because they are not the top payers of a given industry, but are well competitive overall, they can be difficult to market.

The Aston Martin badge will forever perpetuate the iconic British luxury sports car maker’s presence, and that’s why the DB11 will always be on sale. But competing with Vantage and DBS, the DB11 struggled to be an Aston. Compared to the middle child syndrome, the DB11 is overlooked, possibly even by the Astons themselves…

In fact, DB11 can act as a decoy choice between Vantage and DBS. The DB line will be around forever, but can Aston Martin execute an extremely clever marketing strategy? Called the “bait effect”, by pricing DB11 asymmetrically compared to Vantage and DBS, this lure represents a shift in preference between available prices such that the ultimate option is more attractive, thus increasing revenue. With the absence of DB11, it is certain that DBS sales will decline.

For Aston, this is a win-win potential, noting that DBS and DB11 are based on similar platforms, so a lot of money won’t be wasted on research and development; and DB11 will always sell, no matter how little, because of its historic stronghold and uniqueness.

Yes, the Vantage will turn and the DBS will radiate richness, the DB11 is perhaps the refined choice of the group, sporting a refined look (similar to the 911 GT3 Touring), especially in the finish. Frosted Glass Blue. The DBS is the clear winner in terms of power, 715 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, but on the road it’s nearly impossible to use all that power. In fact, the DB11, when equipped with the significantly inferior V12 engine (630 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque), accelerates to 208 mph just 3 mph from the DBS. And, its speed is undoubtedly faster than that of the V12 variant whose speed no one can be compared with.

In addition, with the most luxurious yet classy look, it is a perfection of design and can still accommodate up to 4 people, even though the rear seats are only enough for children. 

Aston Martin DB11

The DB11 additionally capabilities outstanding aerodynamic goodies, for the charge bracket it sits in; the smooth layout serves cause too with `smart control of airflow each over and thru the bodywork helping stability’. 

Additionally, rear-quit raise is decreased with the aid of using the Aston Martin AeroBlade – a digital spoiler fed with the aid of using discreet air intakes placed at the bottom of every C-pillar. Air is ducted thru the bodywork, earlier than venting as a jet of air from the aperture withinside the rear as a spoiler. – sounds fancy.

As the preceding Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andy Palmer stated at the DB11: “This isn’t always handiest the maximum essential vehicle that Aston Martin has released in current history, however additionally in its 103-yr existence. The DB11 rightfully locations Aston Martin yet again as a main logo withinside the luxurious car market”.

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