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Why Staff Augmentation Matters for CPG Start-ups

In a publication titled “The US CPG Industry Amid Inflationary And Recessionary Spell: Challenges And Remedies”. Notable staff augmentation experts at Expertise Accelerated highlighted the state of the United States. CPG industry in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the long-term damage the industry. Sustained due to this recessionary spell. Among the remedies suggested helping entrepreneurs navigate through this treacherous business landscape. Staff augmentation stood out as the best solution for start-ups for a range of reasons.

What is Staff Augmentation?

As defined by Toptal, “Staff augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis. To augment the capacity of your organization.”

Similarly, Expertise Accelerated in their publication titled “Staffing Augmentation Made Simple. The Ultimate Guide for 2022”, highlights the following as the defining features of the staff augmentation model:

  • Comes from third-party service providers.
  • Is for a defined period.
  • Is ad hoc and temporary in nature
  • Feeds capacity and skills deficit

In the prevailing business landscape, accounting and IT are the two business functions. Where companies tend to implement staff augmentation solutions. For start-ups in the CPG industry, having reliable and cost-efficient accounting services. It can make all the difference amid rapidly growing inflation. Staff augmentation solutions leading to cost optimization are the most effective way to achieve this goal.

The benefits of staff augmentation for CPG start-ups

The US CPG industry took a particularly hard hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving budding start-ups and even established businesses in a state of panic. The primary issues faced by the CPG industry currently are the dearth of labor and an uncertain future. In just November of 2021, the food services industry saw 6.9% of the workforce quitting according to a report by Business Insider. These numbers only continue to worsen now as inflation soars higher by the day.

Start-ups in the US CPG industry have a much better chance of weathering these difficult times thanks to some major benefits provided by staff augmentation.

Cost savings

Simply put, the cost of hiring in-house in the US has skyrocketed in the past three years. It is just not feasible for start-ups to afford the skilled workforce they need to be successful today. The sheer cost of the idea leaves many start-ups with no choice but to abandon ship.

Staff augmentation is a tremendously effective way to deal with this bottleneck. While start-ups may not be able to afford the quality of talent they need hiring in-house. Hiring comparable qualified remote offshore talent is very much in the cards. Staff augmentation specialists like EA provide comparable or even superior qualified remote talent to. US businesses at 40% of the US cost. With a solution like this, even the smallest start-up stands a fighting chance in the ring. It can build a solid foundation with minimal expense.

The 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey by Deloitte concluded that 70% of businesses opted. For outsourcing and staff augmentation due to the immense cost savings provided. The cost savings offered by staff augmentation services cannot be understated. and this is the main reason even established businesses in the US make use of such services.

Simplifying the hiring process

The hiring process while not the most frequent topic of discussion. Is one of the most prevalent issues start-ups face as they try to establish themselves. Hiring is a difficult process, requiring time and money. As well as a lot of patience while trying to find the right fit for the job. Oftentimes this process can be highly burdensome for a start-up, as they wait days and weeks to hire employees only to find. These employees will move to a different job within a year and force the company to start the hiring process again. The time and money spent on hiring can be much better spent on growing the business so that it can begin generating a profit and transitioning into a more competitive force in the market.

One of the ways that staff augmentation saves businesses money is by avoiding the hiring process altogether. Essentially, for a nominal fee, the staff augmentation provider will handle the hiring process, leaving entrepreneurs with the freedom to invest time and money into the start-up and propel it towards growth. All entrepreneurs will have to do is make the final decision on whom they want to hire out of the candidates vetted and shortlisted by the staff augmentation provider.


Businesses are very dynamic, and the current tumultuous business landscape and constantly changing economic situation means that businesses must be prepared to act fast and be flexible. The business may have to downsize very quickly to endure an off-season or scale rapidly if a product takes off. Augmented staff that is with the business on a contractual basis can seamlessly be integrated into the team, or strategically withdrawn from the business without any of the associated complexities to adjust the workforce size according to the changing circumstances.

This flexibility and speed are necessary for all businesses, but especially for start-ups, as they are not yet firmly planted in the market and need all the advantages they need to keep up with the everchanging demands of business in 2022.

Access to niche skills and expertise

Running a business has grown more and more complex as the years go by, with every business function requiring a variety of niche skill sets and expertise to handle the matters at hand. Accounting remains one of the most outsourced functions precisely for a number of reasons. Including the mundane nature of some accounting tasks and the complexity involved in some others. For example, a simple bookkeeper may be enough to handle the mundane part of the accounting work. When it comes to forecasting cash flow or drawing financial projections for the business, a skilled Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is required. Similarly, during tax or audit season, businesses require the skills of accountants in the field of auditing & assurance or tax management. One person simply cannot handle every need in this business function.

Meeting this requirement is a herculean trial for start-ups, who lack the resources and connections to get the job done. Staff augmentation once again swoops in to save the day for start-ups. Alongside cost-savings and flexibility, what staff augmentation offers is a gateway into the global talent pool. Not only that, but staff augmentation firms also act as a guiding hand. Leading entrepreneurs to the best fit among the sea of candidates for their niche business requirements.

CPG Start-up

To build on the previous example, consider a CPG start-up that hires Expertise Accelerated. A specialized accounting & finance staff augmentation service provider, to help meet their needs. They can expect EA’s Connecticut-based echelon that is expert in the US CPG industry to vet out bookkeepers. CPA’s, tax accountants and audit specialists as required by the business. Seamlessly integrating and withdrawing them from the start-up as required by the management. The point being that niche skill sets with temporary use can be strategically implemented. Into the business when required, thanks to staff augmentation.

Transparency and control

While traditional outsourcing involves delegating control of an entire business function to a third-party service provider. Staff augmentation simply provides professional resources and talent to businesses. Who can then direct that talent as per the business needs. The business remains in control of the business function, directly communicating with and monitoring the augmented talent. This level of transparency is what seals the deal for entrepreneurs. Who shy away from the prospect of outsourcing due to the loss of direct control.


In a nutshell, the US CPG industry is looking at an uphill climb going forward. Start-ups entering the market today need HR support more than ever before. Staff augmentation is one such support, and every entrepreneur going forward should leverage it for competitive growth.

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Uneeb Khan
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