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Why Do Train Accidents Happen? Find Out The Top Causes!

Train accidents kill and injure thousands of people every year, and most of these accidents happen due to someone’s negligence. Most of these accidents cause severe injuries to their victims and kill about 5 to 7 people every year. While the numbers are lower than a car or truck accidents, getting injured or killed in a train accident is still a possibility. 

The good news is that injuries and fatalities from train accidents are going down each year. However, the problem is not solved unless the numbers become zero. You would deserve compensation if you or your loved one were injured in a train accident. Read more about your rights and consult an attorney to know your legal options. 

Causes of train accidents 

  1. Negligence. 

A major percentage of train accidents in the United States happen due to the negligence of one or multiple parties. These parties may be the train driver, the conductor, the manufacturer, the railway company, the engineer, or any other party involved in the operation or building of the train. When a train accident occurs, it is crucial to contact the railway company soon and preserve all the materials that went into the train operation. 

  1. Human error. 

It is human to make errors or mistakes, but some mistakes are not fixable since they can cause severe injuries and fatalities. If the train driver or some other party responsible for the correct operation of the train is inexperienced, there may be an accident. Even those who have been a part of the railway field for years are vulnerable to making mistakes. 

For example, fatigue is a common issue among train drivers that cause accidents. If a train driver has not rested properly and feels tired, they cannot operate it properly. 

  1. Fast trains. 

Speeding is not an issue only on the road but on railway tracks as well. There are legally posted speed limits for trains as well, and drivers should follow that to avoid an accident. Trains are much larger and more powerful than passenger car vehicles and trucks. Therefore, the impact of the force is almost always catastrophic. Moreover, since trains are so heavy, it is impossible to make them come to a stop in an instant. 

Here are some of the common reasons why train accidents happen. As you can see, all of them involve human mistakes that can be easily avoided with more care and vigilance. If you were injured, contact an attorney today.

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