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Why can silicone rubber be used as a medical polymer material?

Why can silicone rubber be used as a medical polymer material?

Medical polymer materials refer to the polymer materials used in medicine, which is an emerging subject between modern medicine and polymer science. It is a non-living material that is used for medical purposes and is used in contact with living tissues to diagnose, treat or replace tissues and organs in the body and enhance its function. It involves a variety of edge disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, pathology, medicine, blood transfusion, etc. Medical silicone rubber sheet is one of the important varieties of medical polymer materials.

1. Silicone rubber is a kind of medical material with good performance. Its material cost is relatively low, its practicability is high, it is not prone to rejection, it will not be harmful to the human body, and it has good biological adaptability.

2. Silicone rubber products have good medical properties, such as colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, flexibility, and high transparency. Through silicone products, some medical problems can be solved and the medical effect of patients can be satisfied.

3. It has coagulation performance; the toxicity test results meet the medical requirements; it has good bio-compatibility in clinical application, no distorting effect, no allergic reaction; it has excellent toughness and elasticity, good processing performance, and various processing methods. The material of choice for medical elastomer products; has excellent abrasion resistance, soft touch, moisture resistance, and resistance to a variety of chemicals.

The characteristics of medical silicone hose are good biocompatibility, high-quality air permeability or alternative air permeability, weather embrittlement resistance and high-quality sterilization resistance. Biocompatibility is a description of the force between biomedical materials and living organisms. It is an indispensable standard for medical materials, including blood compatibility, tissue compatibility and rapid biological melting. It can be used to improve the digestion method of medical drugs and control the treatment. Drug release speed, location, efficacy in consideration of disease treatment requirements, etc.; no toxic and side effects, that is, chemical ductility, which means that the raw materials themselves are harmless and do not cause harmful substances.

In addition, it should also have resistance to biological embrittlement, physical and theoretical mechanical stability, easy production and molding, very easy to obtain raw materials, reasonable price, and good for disinfection and sterilization; and also prevent the production and processing of equipment textile materials. Introducing compounds that are harmful to the body, before the materials are introduced into clinical medicine, we try our best to evaluate the physical properties of the raw materials, the performance of industrial equipment, and the adaptability between the raw materials and the organism or body. , according to the evaluation, it can be used in clinical medicine only after being approved by the enterprise of the group management plan.

In the application of medical equipment, the silicone rubber hose is placed into a certain part of the body for a short time as a plastic hose, as an important auxiliary material and method for rescue and treatment of various medical records; if it is a liver dysfunction, etc. Instillation tubes used by patients for instillation, as well as primary supplies such as urinary catheters, wavelet delivery tubes, pressure relief tubes, shoulder joint bone drainage bags, otitis drainage tubes, French bowel tubes, and enema devices. Can also be used as a centrifuge tube for baby suction during pregnancy. Medical silicone tubes are used in many areas of diagnosis and treatment. The development direction of medical silicone tubes for the body is small and medium-sized, thick-walled tubes, and two-chamber tubes. One tube can be used, such as sampling and testing, lavage, and hanging needles.

Because silicone rubber has the above characteristics, it is suitable for making various shapes of tubes/sheets and other products. Therefore, silicone rubber is currently the most widely used type of medical polymer materials and can basically meet different use requirements. steady growth trend.

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