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Which SMO strategies to adopt to boost your business? We tell you everything!

Nowadays, social networks are essential on the web and have a disproportionate power in terms of natural advertisingChoosing the communication channels best suited to your business will give you a real boost! It is therefore essential for a company to take care of its SMO, understand Social Media Optimization. This is one of the keys to making yourself known to as many people as possible, ensuring a loyal community and being permanently visible! Want to know how to optimize your company’s SMO? Here are the 4 essential steps!

1/ Make an inventory to set your objectives

Before launching, it is important to analyze the competition in order to target what works or not. You will then have to adapt your strategy to your field of activity and your community. Deciphering data such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is essential. Understand by KPI: number of subscribers, conversion rate, engagement rate (likes, shares, comments), etc.

Once this study is done, you can set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely defined). Defining goals to achieve is the best way to get there.

It is also useful to create marketing personas: groups of typical customers or prospects. We identify their profiles, their age groups, their socio-cultural backgrounds, etc. Personas should represent the audience you want to reach and who have needs that your business can meet.

But strategizing isn’t just about data. It is also necessary to monitor its e-reputation in order to appear as irreproachable.

2/ Choose the social networks best suited to your business

Are your goals set? It’s time to move on to choosing the best social networks for your business. To do this, you must carry out an audit of the networks in order to target the one or those that suit you the most:

  • TikTok and Snapchat will target a young audience.
  • Facebook will have a broader target on an age group above 30 years old.
  • LinkedIn will be the ideal partner to reach B2B prospects.
  • Instagram will be perfect for visual sectors like photography, decoration, etc.
  • YouTube can be your best ally if you have video content to broadcast.

When the network or networks are identified, you must work on your profile by choosing the right photo or logo that will best represent your business. Make searches easier by putting the name of the brand or company as the username. Then, write a presentation of the brand (preferably storytelling) in order to interest the Internet user and give him confidence.

3/ Write optimized content to boost the visibility of your business

In order to boost the natural referencing of your company, ghostwriting services must publish editorial content as regularly as possible. Compose posts related to your activity and current events. Always stay visible by posting relevant content and identifying topics that interest your community. Answer the questions that your Internet users are asking and make yourself indispensable. But be careful to stay consistent with your activity and the values ​​that your company defends. Your posts must go viral in order to shine beyond your community, this is called the word of mouth of the web.

The best way to have a regularity in the publication is to prepare an editorial plan and schedule the posts. Social networks have planning tools. You still have to be able to adapt and be able to bounce back quickly according to current events.

Do not neglect the use of the hashtag, if it is well chosen, it will allow you to appear on many news feeds. Identifying the keywords that speak to Internet users and correspond to their current concerns can be a huge lever for your visibility on the web. Of course, if all this remains related to your activity!

4/ Develop and maintain your community

To retain your “followers”, you must communicate with them interactively and instantly. It is important to respond to comments or private messages promptly. This allows you to stay close to your community and that’s what they appreciate above all! But it’s also the way to thwart a buzz against you. Remaining responsive in all circumstances can save your e-reputation if it were to be damaged.

Optimizing the SMO of a company: recovery of the 4 steps

In summary, to optimize the SMO of a company you must:

  1. Analyze your competition, take into account all the figures made available to you and identify your target.
  2. Choose the social network(s) that best suits your business.
  3. Write optimized content in a relevant and regular way.
  4. Create, develop and nurture your community.

There are therefore a certain number of steps to follow in order to tame social networks and take advantage of their advantages. You now have all the cards in hand to shine on the web. Do not hesitate to get help from a community manager for more efficiency. There is no secret: the more you will be present on the right networks with relevant and quality content, the more your company will gain in recognition and authority. So, to your networks!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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