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What type of Paint is Best for Floor Painting?

Floors get dull with the passage of time due to stains and heavy foot traffic. Painting of floors is first to recover the surface of the floor. Second, it adds shine to your floor. Renovated good paint floors show your valuable lifestyle. It enhances the value of your property. Well, the difficulty which people mostly face is that they don’t know what to choose. Because of a lack of knowledge of floor paint, people choose the wrong paint option. Professional painters Perth knows what floor paint is best for what floor. These people have years of expertise in painting floors. 

Not every floor paint is suitable for every floor. There are different types of floors. Similarly, paint floors are also of different varieties. Except for all these, it is the technique and application of paint on floors that matters. Moreover, regular maintenance and cleaning of the floor is also important.

What types of floors are common today?

Everyone has different types of floors in their houses, offices, etc. Various kinds of floors are used for different places. Let’s have a look at the types of the floor which are common today.

Concrete floors:

It is a type of floor that is made of concrete. These floors are porous. Concrete floors are hard rocks type floors. For their construction, a mixture of sand and water is used. As highly irresistible to stains, fire, and others, they are widely popular.

Vinyl floors:

Vinyl floors are layers of various materials. These floors are manufactured in a way that they remain durable. Various layers of materials are used in vinyl floors. Furthermore, there are two kinds of vinyl floor. One is a vinyl roll, and the other is a luxury vinyl tile. For moisturising areas, vinyl floors are a good choice.

Laminate floors:

Laminate floors are made of medium-density fiberboard core. In laminate floors, there is a wide choice of variety. That’s why these floors have resale value too.

Hybrid floors:

A combination of vinyl and laminate floors is known as hybrid floors. Most people prefer both types of floors.

Hard floors:

Hard floors are types of floors in which materials of ceramic, concrete, glass tiles, and natural stones are used. Hard floors do not come in the category of wood floors.

Wood floors:

Woods are used in the fabrication of wood floors. They are in fashion for floors. Wood floors give a catching view of the floors.

Types of paint best for floors:

Painters in Perth have a sound knowledge of floor paints. Look what type of floor paints are in use.

Oil-based paint:

Oil-based paints are mostly used for wood floors. Traditionally, these paints were widely popular for floors. The advantage of oil-based floors is that they are durable. They remain for a long time. However, they were phased out due to harmful impacts on the environment. Yet, they are still in use.

Water-based paint:

In water-based paints, instead of oil water is used. The drawback of water-based floors is that they are less durable. For the environment, water-based paints are good. It means that they are eco-friendly. Water-based paints are easy to apply and cheap too.

Latex-based paints:

Another example of water-based paint is latex paints. These paints are good for wood floors. In  the manufacturing of latex-based paints, acrylic raisins are used. They dry slower than acrylic paints. For larger areas, it is advisable to use latex-based paints. Because they are cheaper than acrylic paint.

Acrylic-based paints:

Acrylic paints are chemical-based paints. On applying, these paints dry quickly. These paints are suitable for concrete floors. For wood floors, acrylic enamel paint is a good choice. Acrylic paint  is not harmful to the environment because it is eco-friendly. In addition, acrylic paints are expensive paints.

Epoxy paints:

Epoxy is epoxy resin-based paint. This paint has resistance to oil, water and other dust particles. In the case of concrete floors, epoxy resin is the best solution.

Techniques to apply paints on floors

First, select the right paint for your floor. After the selection of paint, it is the technique that ensures the better painting of the floor. Besides, right painting there are other things like cutting, cleaning and finishing are equally important. House painting services Perth clean, varnish, and prime your house floors. There are other necessary things for painting floors. Things like paint will dry. Similarly, use of polyurethane on floors is also essential for floors.

Consider painting services Perth

For your site floor painting, contact painting services Perth. They paint your floor with high-quality suitable paints. Their services are of a professional level. You will get a good result in a budget within the time.


Professional painters Perth is a good name for providing services of painting floors. Consult them for your floor painting. They will give you good advice in selecting the best paint for your floor.

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