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What To Wear On A Business Trip For Women And Men

As Businesses spend plenty of their budget on business trips, it must be the utmost priority of the employees to complete the objectives successfully. They are required to attend multiple events along a business trip including business meetings, seminars, and corporate parties. To make a good first impression, employees should dress as per the event. They must pack for their business trips critically in order to make most of the outfits from a limited number of clothing items. Therefore, knowing what to wear on a business trip is highly crucial.

Different business industries require a different appearance. An FMCG employee going for a product launch meet might dress differently from a fashion industry employee. But all professionals must dress smartly to make a lasting impression on the stakeholders. This blog will mainly focus on the conventional business industry’s employees. Additionally, they must pack lightly to have a stress-free business trip without worrying much about luggage.

What to wear on a business trip for women


Most businesses call for professional clothing with solid light-colored shirts. However, if you like to experiment with your clothing or you belong to an unconventional business model, you can try bright-colored shirts or patterns. But remember not to overdo it. During the meeting, you want people’s attention on you, not your clothing. Opt for wrinkle-free shirts over cotton shirts for a business trip. It gives a flowy look and keeps you comfortable throughout the trip.


Generally, one should wear a contrasting-colored blazer to the shirt they’re wearing. Opt for a dark-colored blazer as it goes with most shirts. Solid-colored blazers look very professional. You may consider a soft checkered pattern blazer as well.


A slim-fit skirt or pants matching the color of the blazer, binds the whole outfit together. Solid colors go a long way and one can style them in different ways for different occasions.


As a businesswoman, choosing footwear is a difficult job. They may have to carry 2 to 3 different footwear for each occasion. For business meetings, a pair of formal shoes is very important. You must avoid wearing heels during business trips to feel comfortable. You should also take a pair of basic black or nude heels for corporate parties.


Never forget to accessorize yourself with a watch, bracelet, ear studs, or a neck pendant. Keep your accessories subtle by going with rose gold and silver jewelry.

You can keep your hair up in a sleek ponytail for business meetings if you have long to medium hair. Short-haired women may keep their hair down but ensure not to over-touch them during corporate meetings. Don’t forget to wear a subtly scented perfume over your outfit.

Business travel wardrobe for man

Dressing up professionally for business meetings is equally important for men and must also consider dressing smartly. It gives an impression that the meeting is important for you and creates a positive impression on the clients.


Men should go for a light-colored wrinkle-free shirt for business meetings. A well-fitted white formal shirt is a must-take for men. They can tuck in their shirts to look professional in business meetings. They should avoid any patterns or prints on their shirts and opt for solid-colored shirts.


Men must take a fitted-tailored suit with them on a business trip. Dark solid colors look extremely professional over a light-colored shirt. However, they can also opt for a subtle checkered pattern on their suit. It is important to pack your business suit carefully to avoid any wrinkles during travel. You can always make use of packing cubes while arranging your stuff in a suitcase.


A solid black formal pair of shoes goes with most outfits for men. Ensure that they are polished before attending a business meeting. One must avoid wearing formal shoes during travel and keep them securely in a shoe bag while packing.


Men must not forget to accessorize themselves with a formal watch, preferably a gold or silver manual watch in a business outfit. It enhances your appearance and adds to your personality.

If you have any confusion regarding what to wear on a business trip, first thing to do is don’t overpack your outfits. Instead, try to take versatile items that you can mix-match and create different outfits altogether. You should not experiment during a business trip as it may make you conscious. Keep your appearance classy and up to your style to feel confident during a business meeting. Wearing appropriate attire helps in conveying a sense of professionalism and competence. It makes a long-lasting first impression on potential customers and clients. One must choose proper business attire that helps them to feel included in the team, represent the company, and boost their confidence while establishing a sense of credibility in the minds of the stakeholders involved in the meeting.

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