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What to Look For in Water Purifiers

When you buy a water purifier, you have to consider its capacity and design. A good water purifier should have a capacity of at least 10 litres. It should also be open in design and can be installed under your sink tap. The main differences between these units are their features, tank capacity and installation methods.

Santeo 7-Stage Mineral Water Purifier

If you are considering buying a water purifier for your home in Dubai, you’re probably wondering what to look for. Luckily, Santeo has a variety of options available, including its 7-Stage Mineral Water Purifier. This device comes with UV and RO filters and is capable of providing you and your family with the purest water available.

The 7-Stage RO purifier has several features to make it the best product on the market today. Not only does it make water taste great, but it also makes it safer for your health. It helps you stay hydrated and improves your metabolism. It also maintains the natural balance of your key organs. Moreover, it eliminates chlorine and other chemicals in the water. It also has a UV lamp that sterilizes the water and kills bacteria.


AquaGuard is a global company that has been in the business for over 12 years. They have provided filtration and water purification systems to both domestic and commercial customers. Their brands are NSF certified. The company has a global reach, and they are one of the leading names in water filtration systems.

Aquaguard has been in the business of water filtration for over 12 years, and has delivered systems to domestic consumers and businesses across Asia. All of their models are NSF-certified, which ensures that your water is safe to drink. It also means that you can use AquaGuard products anywhere you are.

The company offers many different models of water purifiers and filters. They have water filters, softeners, and even shower filters. In the UAE, Aquaguard water purifiers are the number one choice of many people. The company has been serving millions of residents there for over 12 years.

Pure Tech

The Pure Tech water purifier is a modern purifier that uses Alkaline technology and a separate mineral cartridge. It purifies water through 8 stages of filtration and is very economical. In addition to this, it provides high-quality drinking water. Another brand that provides quality drinking water is Kontec. The brand has a wide selection of water filters and purifiers. It offers a variety of technologies such as RO and UV water purification.


If you are in the market for a Kontec water purifier in Dubai, you should know that this company was first established in Baghdad in 1990. The company has a solid reputation for providing quality services and making sure that their customers are happy with their purchase. Their machines are dependable and will give you maximum health benefits. The company also guarantees the longevity of their equipment. Read more on WaterDrop.

Besides being one of the leading suppliers of water treatment equipment in Dubai, Kontec offers advanced solutions for energy, power, healthcare, and commercial applications. Their range of products includes reverse osmosis systems, UV sterilisers, water softeners, flow meters, and more. They even provide installation services for their products.

The company has offices in Dubai, Muscat, Perth, and Kuala Lumpur. They provide water treatment systems for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. They also offer UV disinfection and whole house water sterilisers. In addition to offering a variety of products, Advanced Watertek also provides maintenance and service for its water treatment equipment.

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