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What Sound And Noises Does A Possum Make

Possums are generally found in places where they get easy access to food and shelter. Possums are mostly found on roofs of your house and also the basements where they can grow in size and number and form a territory. You can use various methods to prevent or get rid of the possums. Using traps can be the best option to catch and get rid of the possums from your house. Possums often make different noises depending upon what they are doing. There are many ways to recognise a possums noise. To get detailed information on what sound and noises does a possum make, read the blog completely. 

Why do possums make different sounds and noises?

Before knowing about the type of sounds and noises made by the possums, it is important to know why they make different sounds. There are several reasons due to which possums make sounds and noises such as communicating with each other, asking for food and fighting with each other and when they are scared by something. These are some of the common reasons why possums make different sounds. One of the benefits of possum sounds is that you can identify and locate them by the sound they make. Also check out our blog How to Get Rid of Possum.

Types Of Sounds And Noises Made By Possums- 

  • Clicking Sounds- This is the most common type of sound you can hear from all kinds of possums. Clicking sounds are mostly made by the mother possums when they communicate with their baby possums. And this sound is also found in the possums when they try to seek attention from their mates. 
  • Growling Sounds- These sounds are made when the possums are either afraid or when they are fighting against each other. If you hear any kind of growling sounds in your house that can be an indication of the presence of possums in your house. 
  • Hissing Sounds- These sounds are normally made by the baby possums. They make these sounds when they are looking to seek attention from their mothers or any other possums. 
  • Loud Thumping Noise- This type of noise or sound is heard when the possums move and walk on your roof. This sound is mostly heard in the night because the possums make most of the movements at night. 
  • Squeal Sounds- These sounds are heard when the possums are angry or fight against each other. Possums can get very angry and aggressive sometimes which can result in these sounds. 

Signs Of Presence Of Possums In your house- Other than sounds there are a few more signs you can get if there are possums in your house. Continue reading to know about the common signs of possums. 

  • Furniture Damage- Possums might look small but they are very mischievous. They climb onto your roof which can lead to damage to the exterior and the furniture present in your house. If you find any such damage in your house it might be an indication of the presence of possums in your house.
  • Bad Odour- Possums secret wet droppings that can be very bad and smelly. It could also lead to many kinds of diseases. If you find any such bad and unpleasant odour in your house you must get it inspected by pest control experts. 
  • Disappearing Of Food- Possums usually feed on the things same as we do and if there is a pet in your house and if it’s food is getting disappeared that could also be an indication of the presence of possums in your house. 

Why Hire Professionals To Get Rid Of Possums?

Possums can be one of the most problematic pests and can cause a lot of damage. You cannot catch them easily as they are fast and smart. You can hire professional pest controllers to make your job easy. Pest control experts are fully trained and well equipped with best tools and safety gears to catch the possums. Hiring professionals will save a lot of your money and time as well. 
If you are looking for the best possum removal in Melbourne, hire from Humane Possum Removal. We are the leading pest control service providers. We have a piece of complete knowledge about what sound and noises does a possum make. So, you can remove possums without any damage and hassle if you will call experts.

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